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Apr 13, 2012 01:27 AM

Around the world in 5 days, Las vegas culinary trip

Hey everyone!

My girlfriend and I are going to be spending 5 nights in Las Vegas in a couple months, 4 of those nights are already planned and just need advice for the last one. We are both chefs from Calgary, Canada and I work at a fine steakhouse that serves Alberta Prime Steaks, so a steakhouse recommendation will not be needed.

The restaurants that I have made reservations to are Bouchon(french), Sage(american), e bye jose(Spain), and Raku(Japan) for dinner.

For Lunch we are trying SushiSamba(only for the Brazilian/Peruvian), Milos(Greek-$20 lunch, cant beat those odds in vegas!), Philippines Garden or Monta Noodle house(depends how we feel that day).

My dilemma here is that I can seem to find an Italian restaurant worthy enough to skip Le Cirque, I have already decided on Bouchon for the French part of our trip-I love Keller's food. Will Le Cirque be different enough from Bouchon's french style that I should just dive in and accept the hype, or should I try some Italian or other nation's cuisine?

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  1. You have to go to Thailand via Lotus of Siam - it will blow your mind.

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    1. re: kagemusha49

      Totally concur on of the best restaurants in Vegas and the planet!
      Lunch or the menu..not the buffet.

      1. re: Beach Chick

        Lotus of Siam is indeed fantastic. If you go at lunch and order off the menu, they will be SO excited to cook for you (as most of their lunchtime business is the buffet). Definitely find time for it!

    2. Le Cirque was my favorite dinner of my trip to LV a few weeks ago. The cuisine at Le Cirque and Bouchon are totally different: Le Cirque is haute cuisine and Bouchon is French bistro.

      1. 3 weeks till our Vegas culinary trip and after many long nights salivating over menus I have finalized our dinner reservations.

        So much for traveling the world in 5 nights, more like Paris, Paris and more Paris then Japan then Spain :)

        thank you everybody for your opinions but after a few weeks of making this thread, as much as we wanted to do Le Cirque and Sage we have eliminated them from our 5 night culinary trip.

        We decided that because this might be the only time we will ever go to Vegas as we are not much of gamblers or clubbing-type, that we should just go for it!

        Day 1

        arrive 3:30pm Palazzo

        Guy Savoy 5:30 Chef's table custom menu for 2

        Blue Man Group 10:00

        Day 2

        Joel Robuchon at the Mansion 5:30

        Peepshow 9:30

        -we would love to have the full on 16 course degustation but I feel 3 1/2 hours would feel a little rushed, so we might choose the 6 course prixe fixe.

        Day 3

        Ka 7:00

        Raku Grill 9:00 will order mostly a la carte and off the daily specials menu

        Day 4

        Mystere 7:00

        Twist by Pierre Gagnaire 9:30

        -we chose Twist over Le Cirque because June 20th is the day Chef Ryuki will launch his first seasonal menu as the new Chef de Cuisine of Twist, and we are excited to see what he can do!

        Day 5

        e by Jose Andres 8:30 show

        this definitely put us way above our planned $500 dinner/night, but in a place where money is not an issue, we might as well take the plunge and indulge.

        We decided not to plan anything for breakfast or lunch as we did not want to be on schedule too much, but all I know is that lunches/breakfast will have to be more on the affordable side as to compensate for the extravagant dinners.

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        1. re: lechonbaboy

          Unfortunately, Guy Savoy was the weakest of my dinners in LV last year. Service was excellent, but I found both the food and decor very drab. I had the most expensive tasting menu. Serious kicking myself.

          1. re: ellenost

            It was very hard to pass on Sage and Le Cirque because of your reports. I am guessing you had the menu elegance when you dined at Savoy which is heavy on his signature dishes.
            The main reason we decided on Savoy is because of the new menu called the "inspiration/innovation" which features new and totally different dishes.

            Sage was more easily replaceable than Le Cirque, we chose to do Joel Robuchon because the food and service albeit twice more expensive is on another level compared.

            If not for the menu change, Le Cirque would be occupying our first night dinner but seeing as they are both French haute cuisine we had to choose one over the other. Also as chefs I believe the chefs table would be the more interesting choice.

            Watching chefs of that caliber will not only be pleasing to our eyes but it should serve as an inspiration for us in regards to cooking.

            1. re: lechonbaboy

              Yes, I did the menu elegance at Guy Savoy. I've read the report on Eater about the new menu. I look forward to your report since I usually travel to LV annually, and may be tempted to revisit Guy Savoy if I read enough great things about it. Have a wonderful time!

              1. re: ellenost

                Will definitely report back!

                On the menu there is a wagyu course and as I stated before we eat and cook plenty of prime bee here in Calgary, so I asked this wonderful lady named Ilona who has been the biggest help in reserving the chefs table and making our custom menu to sub out our wagyu course with the guinea hen "en cocotte"? To share, Which is a whole bird cooked in a pigs bladder.

                They are very accommodating when it comes to substitutions as she happily accepted when I asked if I could sub the sweetbreads, peas all around, foie gras-bitter infusion, and colors of caviar for the oysters, prawn in fishnet, seared foie gras cubes, and white asparagus with caviar. Only for my menu tho as the girlfriend is satisfied with the inspiration/innovation menu.

                I have stumbled upon a review I believe it is by kevineats, and he reported that because it was his second time going to Guy Savoy they gladly offered him substitutions.

                If our meal goes well at Savoy you should definitely go back and sub out/in the dishes that you might not like and what you liked before.

                1. re: lechonbaboy

                  When I dined last year I did ask to change one or two dishes. They were very nice about it. I was sad I didn't like the food more.

              2. re: lechonbaboy

                Missing Le Cirque is a mistake. For high end dining, there is no question in my mind that in LV, Le Cirque and Joel R. cannot be topped.

                1. re: josephnl

                  I have no doubt that it might end up being a mistake choosing twist over le cirque, but it is LV and we are gambling on chef Ryuki of twist at the helm for his first seasonal menu. I originally had le cirque for the 3rd day instead of Raku, but after securing the chefs table and a custom menu at guy savoy, for the sake of my wallet I decided to skip le cirque.

                  Raku seemed like the logical choice as 3 of the five establishments are French.

                  After looking at pictures we also felt the atmosphere and ambiance of Twist is more suited for us(mid-20's couple)

            2. re: lechonbaboy

              I love the combination of Joel Robuchon and Peepshow on the same night.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                Haha yes, I didn't even mean to have them together but they both just fell in place together.

                THe combination of 3 Michelin stars and topless burlesque just seems too good to be a coincidence lol

            3. You've got Lotus of Siam on the list for lunch?
              LOS is one of the best restaurants in Vegas.
              Country Club at the Wynn is a hidden gem.

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              1. re: Beach Chick

                We are doing LOS for one of the lunches, we also have la cave at the Wynn for lunch as well.

                Have not heard much about country club though I have heard great things about tableau.

                1. re: lechonbaboy

                  Tableau is outstanding, especially for breakfast. Wonderful setting, service and food.
                  lechonbaboy...I'm staying at the Wynn/Encore by myself this coming week and love eating at a bar when I'm alone. Is Country Club a place with a nice bar to dine at?

                  1. re: josephnl

                    Josephni - re your question about Country Club. Yes it is.