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Apr 13, 2012 12:37 AM

Huitrerie Regis

Even if Les Bleus had lost to Germany 3-0, Sarkozy had one in a landslide and France had introduced prohibition all in one day, the proprietor of Huitrerie Regis couldn’t be any grumpier than he seemed to be last night, as we turned up at their advertised hour of opening last night to purchase some take away oysters. Monsieur Shucker shooed us away, telling us to come back in 20 minutes.

What this chap has to be grumpy about I do not really know. He has a great business, selling quite expensive but high quality, freshly shucked oysters. There is a delightful young lady with an even temperament, who runs the floor and helps lighten his mood that was darker than a metro tunnel and has a compact little wine list with some decent selections.

Our platter of Le fines de Claires and Les Spéciales de Claires were indeed quite brilliant and worked a treat with a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée. The bread and mineral components of the Champagne complimented the oyster’s brininess and also had such richness and power to push through the creamy texture and leave palate refreshed with a big hit of citrus.

Not sure I’m that inclined to support this bloke if this is his normal demeanour but the oysters are good, he perhaps deserves a second chance and I’ve got his green plastic takeaway tray that I need to get my 5 euro deposit back on, so I’ll probably find an excuse to sneak back in for a dozen bivalves.



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  1. Have noticed he is happy as a bivalve when the shop opens after the summer, and as work overcomes him, he is not as cheery in the waning days.

    1. Jeez Jeremy - I was there last night around 18.45 (foreigners' hour apparently) – was you the antipodes guy buying the take-out?

      Yeah – the guy is taciturn and does not respond to conversation in any language, the girl is sympa but the oysters are great.

      It's one of our favourite places for a quick fix but just ignore the guy and enjoy what you eat – don't even think of asking him to order a taxi (even my devastatingly charming francophone wife gets a rebuff).

      There are just places everywhere which are worth going to notwithstanding the grumpy staff/proprietor. This is one of them.

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      1. re: kerriar

        Twas me Kerriar, it's a small world.

        I agree, I can put up with a fair degree of grumpiness but this chap is at the upper end of the scale.

        1. re: jeremyholmes

          I have a list of addresses that are worth the humiliation, but it's a very short list.

      2. Jeremy, my experience was very similar to yours. Really delicious oysters...some of the best I've ever had...but the owner was SO rude to some of our fellow diners (to us he was simply brusque, which I can handle, not that I like it, but I can overlook it for good food) that I would never go back.

        1. We wanted to test this restaurant, because my wife love oysters … The reception was so bad that finally, we have not even been able to eat … Yet we used to go to restaurants and we already have good adresses but I’ve never seen that!
          We are arrived quite late on saturday night and it was full. Having spotted a nearby table to break free, we just waited and a couple arrives later and they pushed in front of us… Amazing: instead of tell to them we was first, the waitress found the situation was normal, because we didn’t ask enough quicky to her … Standing in front of the door for long time, near tables was not enough… Very curious to deal with customers!
          Anyway … Therefore, we no longer want to try too … There are many place in Paris to taste nice oysters…

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          1. re: thiton

            Did you ask the waitress for a table or were you just waiting? Most places like this in Paris expect you to put your name down on the list - although this may not be a list as such. Coud the couple who "pushed in front" of you have put their name down before you and had gone away to wait elsewhere - it is pretty normal to do that.

            1. re: PhilD

              No, we didn't but somebody of the restaurant ask us about it few minutes before. Then, they saw we was waiting for a table. Then, we didn't understand the not pleasant reaction of the waitress!!!

              1. re: thiton

                Sorry can't really understand your answer, but it sounds like you didn't have your name down, so maybe the other couple were ahead of you.

          2. We've tried to go to this place the last 2 times we were in Paris-- both times it was closed, this was in mid-September. I suppose the chap takes a long vacation-- both times the place was under some sort of renovation.

            But after the comments here, looks like we did not miss much. My wife got her "huitre" fix at a retail oyster-monger shop in the 1st, with about 12 seats (the name escapes me) where the staff is charming and the birds serenade you!

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            1. re: lemarais

              Next time try Pleine Mer in the 10th near Gare de Nord.

              1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                Great service. Wonderful oysters. Inexpensive.

                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  Fabulous and the guy is really nice too.

                2. re: lemarais

                  That sounds like l'Ecume St. Honore. I love that place!