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Apr 12, 2012 11:06 PM

Best deal for Sushi (quality vs quantity) in OC? (either AYCE or a la carte)

So my gf just got a great job offer so I wanted to take her out tomorrow, Friday. She loves sushi, although more specifically rolls. I'm Japanese so I've introduced her to other forms, but she is just way into rolls of all kinds.

So can anyone recommend me the best deal for sushi in Orange County? Can be all you can eat or whatever. Groupon deal, coupon, who cares. Just looking to get the best bang for the buck.

Only AYCE I've been to is Joe's in Buena Park. Mediocre, wasn't gross, but wasn't amazing either.

I usually will make my own on weeks when Mitsuwa or other japanese markets have fresh fish or sales so I dont go out for sushi that often. When I do it's usually part of a meal at a restaurant, but I wanted to specifically take her to a Sushi bar.

One place I am thinking of is Mahe in Dana Point. Apparantly they have AYCE 5-6pm any day, mon/wed all night. This is contradicted by others saying only mon/wed is there AYCE. I'd have to call tomorrow to find out, them make a reservation via open table.

To be honest, I doubt she would eat $25 worth of sushi so I'm open to any suggestions.

Edit: forgot to mention that a couple of my friend's have been trying to get me to go to Makino. I think it's another buffet by the Todai guy. $26 a person, its new and so far people seem to like it a lot.

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  1. How on earth do you judge quality vs quantity? I think an omakase mean at San Shi Go on the Balboa Peninsula is not overpriced at all, and I spend $100 per person, easily. On the other hand, I also go to Wasa in Irvine Marketplace or Spectrum and eat well for about $30 -40 per person. I have also had pretty good take-out from Sushi and Roll in Mission Viejo for less.<p>
    If I did not want to spend a ton of money, have good sushi, and have interesting rolls (not just California roll variations), I would go to Wasa.

    1. Skip the AYCE sushi places. they offer sub-par quality fishes.

      I would highly recommend OSHIMA in Orange.

      1956 N Tustin St
      Orange, CA 92865

      I've had their Omakase numerous time. I went there last Tuesday. 18 pcs. $75. with the 18 pcs, I had seared toro, otoro, live razor clam, and live orange clam. My bill came to $103. That's with 2 beers and tax/tip.

      1. I've been to Makino in Las Vegas/Premium Outlets; it's good for AYCE. They have the standards (tuna, yellowtail, salmon), maybe half dozen different rolls and lots of cooked Japanese, Chinese & Asian fusion dishes. This is usually where we end up when we're with other people in LV & can't decide where to eat. The curiosity factor might draw me in to the new Irvine location.