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Apr 12, 2012 10:43 PM

A Bread Machine for baking Gluten Free bread

Do you use a bread machine to make GF bread?

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  1. I am in Japan now, and one of the large electronic manufacturers, Zojirushi, makes a bread maker that you can dump rice in, and probably another ingredient or two though I am not sure, and it turns it into bread. There are many different types of bread it can make, but all from straight rice, don't need rice flour or anything. I don't use a bread maker and don't need GF bread but that sounds pretty convenient to me.

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      They do look like regular bread:

      This is probably similar to what you are talking about, except it is from Sanyo. What is interesting is that this machine can take rice grain, not milled rice flour as you have said.

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        Yes, exactly like that machine. I will try to find some other links, more then just zojirushi make machines like that, but some are only a few hundred dollars I think, the sanyo seems a bit expensive.

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        This is relevant to my interests! My wife is GF due to celiac and this would make her life so much easier, i'm really surprised I've never heard of this before. Looking forward to trying out one of these machines!

        1. I have celiac disease and do not use a bread maker but then I love to knead by hand. Yes, I said KNEAD. There are a very few recipes that you can knead as opposed to sadly and painfully spreading like cake batter into the pan. But if you/your wife do not like baking bread I would assume one of these breadmakers would be very useful.

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            Some people may not be able to knead bread because of arthritis or something that takes away a person's strength. In that case, a bread machine would be a great help in making fresh bread.

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              I'm picturing a kneadable gf bread recipe resulting in a dense loaf. Am I wrong? I haven't made my own bread since becoming gluten free and do miss kneading!

            2. We have been making Paleo treats including "cookies" and "cake" from a mix of almond flour, almond meal, almond flour - along with egg whites, egg white powder (rose acre farms), honey or agave nectar, cocoa powder, and such. The results are FANTASTIC. They are high protein and healthy fats, with relatively low carbs. Looks and tastes like a treat but are very good for you and have no gluten at all. I'm sure some of the rice-based solutions can be good but will be very high in carbs indeed. You may wish to try some recipes and see what you think - many are readily found via Google like so:


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                The bread looks yummy but we try to stay away from artificial sweeteners.