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Apr 12, 2012 10:29 PM

Utah: Good eats for dinner near Arches NP, Moab, SLC Airport?

We're going to rent a car May 12-19 & do some sightseeing & hiking starting in Salt Lake City. Most breakfast will be instant oatmeals; lunches: going buy groceries & make quick sandwiches. What I need help with is mainly dinners. Will have rental vehicle.

Garden Restaurant - anyone been?

Near Arches NP
Groceries & eat deli at City Market - anyone been there?

Moab - any thoughts on these places or can suggest better dinners? I prefer healthy-type meals with lots of veggies, meats ok. Asian, Greek, Mediterranean or other types of food ok.
Buck's Grill House
Milt's Stop & Eat
Sabaku Sushi
Red Iguana
Mandarin Restaurant

Where to eat for dinner before getting to SLC Airport or at the airport?

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  1. I can mainly comment on dining in SLC.... Been to Moab a few times and never found anything I would classify as a "good eat". I know other posts on this board have been focused on Moab, so it might be helpful to search for those if no one else chimes in on that area.

    I would say Red Iguana is your best bet in SLC near the airport, especially if you like mole- those types of dishes really shine here, while if you're more interested in tacos or "standard" Mexican fare you might be disappointed. If you are interested in Greek and Mediterranean, I would look up Aristo's near the university and Mazza in the 9th and 9th area. Salt Lake isn't that big, so neither place is terribly far from the airport, probably 30 minutes if you have a rental car. Never been to the Garden Restaurant.

    The airport itself doesn't have many offerings beyond the usual airport fare, the main local outposts there are Squatters and Wastach brew pubs, with standard bar fare. I would suggest dining before the airport.

    1. 2nd that emotion for Red Iguana... best eats near the airport, not to mention arguably the best Mex for hundreds of miles. Plenty of veggie-only options, huge menu. If it sounds good to you, it will be.