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Apr 12, 2012 09:43 PM

Fun birthday dinner (BYOW)+dessert

Hey Chowhounders,

Do any of you know of a good ethnic restaurant for a birthday dinner for a small group? As most of us are students we are on a small budget, ($15-20 per person) would be ideal. I'm looking for a casual-semi casual place that is lively and cozy with preferably medium to large portions so everyone can share, but aren't buffets. Nil beu ( don't know if its BYOW) sounds like the ideal restaurant although I am hearing mixed reviews, and am wondering if anyone knows of other Ethiopian restaurants in Montreal for a birthday dinner? Although open to all restaurants that fix close to price range

As for desserts, down for anything sweet and a place to sit. It doesn't matter if I have to order and pay at the counter first.



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  1. BYO for students and on a budget: Le Bambou bleu, a Vietnamese on St-Denis near Duluth is pretty decent. La Selva (peruvian). Khyber Pass (Afghan) is closer to 20$-25$. Same for Au coin berbère (couscous).

    For desserts, Rockaberry fits your criteria and is in the area. Or you can always walk to a Juliette & Chocolat and stand in line (crazy, never got that).