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Apr 12, 2012 09:05 PM

Red Wolfe Inn, Belvidere

Friend raves about the steaks at the Red Wolfe Inn in Belvidere. Has anyone been there? Heard of it?

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  1. This place is my dude's #1 steak place- we'll drive the 1+ hours from Bergen county to get there. Very good steaks using great cuts of meat and always done perfectly. Cosy atmosphere and great beer selection. Not overly pricey.

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    1. re: sixelagogo

      Thanks, though now I'll have to concede my friend is right (or at least that he isn't the only fan of this otherwise little known place.) Hope my post here did not blow some top secret dining "find" that you woud've preferred to keep quiet, and now we won't be able to get a table on a Sat. night. No other mention of Red Wolfe Inn on Chowhound. Very few (very mixed, and most very old) reviews on a couple of other sites.

      1. re: Forklaw

        Forklaw, there is a note on Citysearch saying that this place MAY be closed. However, I've seen - and you probably have too - several on-line reviews from just last month. If you're thinking of going, a phone call first might be wise.

        1. re: ambrose

          Thanks Ambrose, but my friend (gloating that he won this battle) made reservations for Saturday night, so apparently it is not closed. Must say that I have never seen such drastically divergent reviews of a single restaurant (on other websites). Sounds like a place people either love or loathe, with no experiences in the middle. I'll find out for myself soon enough and post my review.

          1. re: Forklaw

            My personal experience is that I usually like restaurants that get a mixture of good and bad reviews (and nothing in between)! LOL

            Please post after you've been to this place. I'd never heard of it until now but since Belvidere is an easy drive for me I'd definitely like to know what it's like.

            1. re: ambrose

              Ambrose (and CH'ers in Hunterdon and Warren counties) - Yes. Red Wolfe Inn is worth a half-hour drive to Belvidere for a very good steak, seasoned and cooked perfectly to order. But be forewarned, this ain't Roots, Char, Verve, Ruth's Chris or whatever your favorite higher end steakhouse might be. It's a dive bar that happens to serve very good, hand cut steaks. (I don't use the term "dive bar" in a derogatory sense; I regularly frequent the best one around - - Mrs. Riley's in High Bridge (well, maybe Mrs. Rileys is a step above "dive") - - but use that term as a short-hand description so you know what you're heading into. Leave the jacket and tie, and even the khakis and button down at home. Go in jeans and a t-shirt/sweatshirt and you'll be comfortable.
              I went Saturday night in a party of 8 (two families including kids ranging from 10 to 15 y.o.). The small dining room (about a dozen tables) was packed. You definitiely need reservations at least for that time slot.
              The menu is fairly extensive but, to be frank, I didn't study the options - we were all there for the steak and skipped right to that page. Everyone ordered the strip steak. It's offered in a wide range of sizes from 8 oz to a 48 oz. Most at the table ordered the 12 oz or 16 oz. The weight, by the way, appears to be the cooked weight, not-the pre-cooked. The steaks arrived at the table sizzling hot, with a slight char on the outside and cooked exactly as ordered (our table ranged from medium rare to well). The dinner comes with a small house salad and choice of potato. Nothing remarkable about either. But at least they're included in the dinner and not a la carte. Our dinners ranged from $24 - $32, not including drinks. They have 16 beers on tap - - I had a Leinenkugel ale which was good with the steak, but next time I'd try something a bit darker and heavier.
              We had no problem with the service. I mention that because a number of reviews I read on other sites were very critical of the service. I don't dispute their experiences, but all I can say is that we were seated within minutes of arriving, our server gave us time to look over the menus, told us the specials, answered questions, all the meals were brought to the table at the same time, and she checked on us a couple of times after the food arrived, etc.
              In summary - this is not a fancy place, nor is it inexpensive. But the steak and beer are good, and it's an alternative to the more upscale steak places in Somerville/Bridgewater which are just slightly closer.