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Apr 12, 2012 08:23 PM

Reservations for Schwa?

Does anyone know any tricks to get reservations at Schwa? I have called a bunch of times but only get a message that says that I can not leave a message. Anything would help!

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  1. Call and call again and call again and call again. There are no tricks. They either pick up the phone or they don't.

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    1. re: BeanTownGolfer

      Yup! Many people have had luck calling around around 11am central time. Each time I've actually spoken to someone, however, I think it's been later in the afternoon.

    2. got mine around 11 or 12 chi time. one thing i realized is that if there is no ringing…and it goes straight to a full voicemail… someone is most likely on the other side answer calls. so i would max out calls if i hit a pocket where it stopped ringing.

      here is how i realized this… we have been calling for a long time… stepped it up as it neared our trip to chicago. started calling hourly as of 8am (all times chi times). girlfriend called to reserve around 11 or 12 and got through. and she DID NOT HAVE CC on her to reserve. hangs up. franticly calls me to say "schwa is answering…call now!". i do. there is no ring. i call every few minutes. after 5th call… answer.

      other recommendation. dont make reservation on tuesday. they say its the most frequently canceled day. (unfortunately the day i had to reserve was a tuesday… just an honor to even get canceled on finally)

      1. I just called right now to make a reservation, and I got a message saying the phone was disconnected. Is this something that also happens a lot with Schwa? Should I just keep trying, or is something unusual going on over there?

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          1. re: dunstable

            it's back to the 'full mailbox' message now (i've been calling literally every day, throughout the day, for 2.5 months now and haven't had them pick up once).

            1. re: keefgr

              haha, funnily enough they picked up right after i posted this.

          2. In November I called Schwa and "luckily' got through right around 3 pm.... I am not only not exaggerating, I am probably understating exactly how the conversation went:

            Them: Schwa.

            Me: Hello! I'd like to make a reservation for four, I have a few dates in December that are idea, but I'm flexible and can go January or sooner if you have it."

            Them: December? Oh man, sorry man, sorry man, oh man, yeah man, you know, December, we're like closed, sorry man, we're gonna be closed, yep, no luck, sorry man, sorry man.....SSSSSOOOORRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" <Click>

            Me: Hello?

            Dial tone.


            Truly baffling.

            1. I just now called for reservations, some punk picked up and said hello, I asked if it was Schwa. He said no. I hung up. I looked at my caller ID. I had called the right number. I called again. He said, "Welcome to Burger King, home of the whopper." I said, is this 773-252-1466. He said no. I said is this Schwa or not. He said yes it it. I said wow. I can't believe a restaurant of your caliber is acting like this. I said, never mind. I was appalled. He said, "ok, eff off then." SERIOUSLY????

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              1. re: asubean

                yeah, that's pretty much how they roll
                But if you can deal with that, the food is ethereal.

                1. re: asubean

                  This cracked me up. Betcha a fiver that the "punk" who picked up was Michael Carlson. Schwa is just a place where you either roll with it or you don't. It's completely worth it if you do, but I can see why a lot of people would be put off. If you're one of them, they don't want to make dinner for you anyway.

                  1. re: mcgeary

                    i don't care to eat anywhere where the head chef tells you to eff off. NOBODY'S food is THAT good!