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Apr 12, 2012 08:07 PM

Good, cheap eats around Richmond?

Will be staying in the Midlothian area and visiting Civil War sites and Colonial Williamsburg. Any tips for inexpensive but relatively healthy meals? We like Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Mediterranean plus good deli-type food.

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  1. Where in Midlothian will you be staying? On/near Hull St or On/near Midlothian Tpke?

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        I dont know that part of town well, but you will have better luck with cheap eats there than say up around the west end, so you have that going for you.

        I am not sure how healthy it is but there is Chicken Fiesta, a Peruvian chicken joint at 7748 Midlothian Tpke. A whole chicken goes for 14 dollars and comes with sides. (They have a west end location too, which is only reason I know about the one down there).

        Also there are some Korean places on the turnpike I sometimes go out of my way to hit up, but not sure I consider those cheap.

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          Our hotel room will have a microwave and fridge, so a whole chicken with sides sounds like a pretty good deal since we could make it last 2 nights. Thanks for the tip!

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            Chicken Fiesta is great and I think a good deal. Cheap is somewhat relative :-)

            Carena's Jamaican Grill east of Chicken Fiesta on Midlothian has good Jamaican food and is inexpensive

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              where is the chicken fiesta in the west end?

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                I think it's on Broad between Hungary Spring and Glenside.

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                  7568 West Broad Street (I checked out their website:

          2. The Crazy Greek (greek/italian) at the corner of Courthouse and Midlothian Turnpike has good lunch specials, and is reasonably priced for dinner, too. They'll let you sub vegetables for fries with sandwiches, which makes me happy.

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              Got home yesterday and wanted to say that we loved The Crazy Greek. We weren't prepared for the huge menu, however, and it took us forever to finally decide on two Italian dishes. I couldn't believe it, but my husband lost the Battle of Spaghetti Hill as I'm calling it. He ordered some kind of special spaghetti that had meatballs, pepperoni, and sausage: it was large enough to serve a family of four! He tried to eat the whole thing but had to give up a little over halfway through. (He ate the rest for breakfast the next day in our hotel room.) I hade manicotti and it was cheese-a-licious. My only nitpick is that the sauce was a bit too thick--tasted like tomato paste. We made the mistake of ordering saganaki as an appetizer because my husband had never had it and I insisted he try it. When we told the owner as we were leaving that we certainly didn't need an appetizer with such generous servings, he shrugged and said something like, "But you can't pass up saganaki!"