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Apr 12, 2012 07:51 PM

Looking for food near the Galleria

I'm staying at the Westin Oak in the Galleria for a couple nights. I really want to try some texas style food. The Galleria only has the usual american fair. Cheesecake factory, steaks, sushi rolls etc. I really want to try some tex mex, chlii or texas bbq I don't got a lot of time so I would be willing to sacrifice some flavor for convenience and being close to where I am. I just don't want to waste this chance by eating cheesecake factory.

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  1. I'm not super familiar with the area right by the Galleria, but a short(ish?) cab ride away for Tex-Mex is the El Tiempo on Richmond. Escalante's would be even closer (only a mile, though it's kind of a rough walk, since you have to go under the freeway, etc., so a cab would probably still be a good idea). But I've never been, so can't personally recommend it, and I've heard mixed things about it.

    Can't help much with barbecue since my preferred place is out of the loop and currently on hiatus. I think the general consensus around here is that Houston barbecue doesn't really compare to the Central Texas variety, but that said, I do think it can be worth trying if you're looking for a taste of the Texas style (though I'm not a hardcore barbecue aficionado). Maybe someone else will have thoughts on convenient places.