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Apr 12, 2012 07:40 PM

heading to wichita and tulsa need advise

I'll be in Wichita and Tulsa for work for a few days. Any must try spots for lunch and or dinner? Not looking for fancy fine dining, just good food that is not a chain. Any regional specialties I should know about too?

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  1. Depends on where in Tulsa you'll be and if you have a car. Downtown, I like Atlas Grill on 401 South Boston for regular lunch food - and the daily specials are good too. If you like Mexican, try Tacos al Rio Verde on the 300 block of North Trenton (it's the only building on the block). The Boulder Grill at the downtown Marriott has very nice appetizers. Brothers Houligan does excellent chicken fried steak and also great juicy chicken livers. Down South near 81st and Sheridan there is Mi Tierra - an excellent Peruvian that is very cheap. That covers a lot of the cheap and good bases.

    1. In Wichita, try Bella Luna (3 locations), Tanya's Soup Kitchen (lunch only except Fri and Sat)

      1. Thank you for the tips. I will have a rental car and I'm staying in downtown tulsa, I'll check out the spots.

        1. If you're staying downtown it's worth taking a stroll to see the incredible Art Deco buildings of Boston Ave... but apart from Edward Delk's there are very few restaurants there. Just east and north of downtown are 2 booming nightlife districts with lots of nice restaurants. In the Blue Dome district, centered at 2nd and Elgin, you can't throw a rock without hitting a restaurant, many owned by Elliot Nelson. My favorite is Juniper. As for the Brady district, it's less developed but there are great places too, such as Brady Tavern Juniper and Brady Tavern might be too much like fine dining to suit you, but there are lots of restaurants in the area that are less expensive. I think Juniper's worth a try though. Also they are welcoming and not snooty or pretentious. You should be very careful walking from these places to your hotel late at night. There are also lots of nice places in Cherry Street (15 between Peoria and Utica) and Brookside (Peoria between 33 and 36).