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Apr 12, 2012 07:39 PM

April 12 is Grilled Cheese Day - what did you have?

I only heard about it in passing, so my observation was limited to what I had on hand. I used butter mixed with curry powder on the outside of caraway rye. Inside, a little mayo and honey mustard, carrot slaw, bacon, and a cheddar-gruyere blend. Making do made for a darn good sandwich!

And you had.....???

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  1. Arancini. I figure it's legit - crispy breaded exterior...gooey cheesy middle...starchy goodness in between. Close enough. ;)

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    1. re: Wahooty

      Bring on the quesadillas, too! I'm with you, but don't tell chef Chris Schlesinger, who testified in court when a Panera shop sued the owner of the strip mall in which it was located for leasing space to a Qdoba, when it had been agreed that no competing sandwich places would be allowed in the mall. Schlesinger said a burrito is not a sandwich. Panera won.

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        How one celebrates their religious holidays is a deeply personal thing. I won't tell Schlesinger if you won't.

    2. I am actually at a hotel right now, and after skipping a family dinner, I was starving out of my mind by 10. I swear to heaven I did NOT know that it was GC day, which should be celebrated roundly by every person on every continent, IMO. Anyway, there's a pretty MidWestern sports bar across the lot here, and.......they deliver. Yes indeedy. The grilled cheese I ended up having was, in order: Thin "sourdough", Swiss cheese, thin decent tomatoes, crunchy crunchy bacon, caramelized onions,another slice or two of swiss, of course all grilled up nicely. Pretty sure there was horseradish in the secret sauce, too. Not bad by 'arf. Oh, and I appreciated their grilled sandwich options, which was basically just a huge list of available varying stuff, up to and including a burger or steak base, and get busy crafting. At 10 pm, that was a nice way to choose. At a woozy 2 am. I think it would start blowing people's minds right out.

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        mamachef, that sandwich sounds rather lovely for sports bar food. Also: I thought of you this morning when I ordered "sourdough" toast with my rather Midwestern omelet. ;)

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          Right, Wahooty? I was suprised and happy with the variety and quality of the available ingredients. I sure hope you enjoyed your omelette - what was in it? Every now and then I NEED a plain omelette w/ American cheese, and it usually makes people do a double take when I order them.

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            Heh...let me set the scene for you: this is a TINY log-cabin diner in my rather small town. On the menu, it says your omelet can include up to 3 fillings in addition to "some or all of our 5 cheeses." Obviously, the only correct answer to that dilemma is "all of the cheeses." I can't even tell you what all of them are - just that some are orange, some are white, and at least one is processed for that right level of ooey-gooeyness. My other ingredients: ham (a fairly nice, smokey, meaty variety), onions (properly griddled to light caramelization), and thinly sliced portobella mushrooms. I would wonder why I don't go there more often, but all told the thing was the size of my head, and one really can't get away with that very often.