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Apr 12, 2012 05:37 PM

new bakery in Chelsea, MI

Stopped by the new-ish Glee Cake & Pastry in Chelsea (across from the Common Grill). Everything looked very good, from patisserie-style pastry to over-the-top cupcakes in fun flavor combos. My son was wowed by his white chocolate hazelnut cupcake. Looking forward to trying Lemon Goat Cheese Cake . . . once Passover has passed over.

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  1. Neat looking place. I'd like to try this tart, once my gut has transformed into a washboard (long after passover!): (Scroll down)

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    1. re: VTB

      I looked at her website. Under the "Story'" section she mispelled Ted Kopple as Ted Copple.
      She might want to change that. (I misspell stuff on boards all the time but my posts on a board does not represent a business I run.)

      On the other hand her pastries do look very good.

      1. re: syrup09

        Heehee ... you have just been victimized by Muphry's Law (public editorial corrections will themselves contain errors). It's "Koppel." I'm looking forward to trying out the bakery next time I'm out that way.

        1. re: syrup09

          The Story page also refers to the gourmet cooking magazine "Bon Appetite", which might be worse than the Koppel error, given that it is a gourmet bakery. I always wonder how many of these spelling 'errors' are actually victims of auto-correct functions now.

      2. Stopped in on a weekday. Glee is celebrating its first year. Full cases of fab cupcakes + pastries. I enjoyed a remarkable lemon cloud pillow--lemon curd & cream on a delicate puff pastry square. This where I would order a cake for a special occasion.

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        1. re: trapani

          Glee Bakery closed its storefront in Chelsea. Unclear if the bakery will take special orders.