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Apr 12, 2012 05:30 PM

making cake pops

has anyone made cake pops? they're annoyingly cute but i need to make something for an up coming preschool event. the only thing is they ask is that it be nut free. that brings me to several questions.

can i make them gluten free or would that just not work? can i make 'bark' or the chocolate coating with chocolate chips or do have to use bark?

anyone? anyone?

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  1. I think gluten free cakes are lousy (and I have a hard time with gluten,) I'd honestly rather not eat cake than eat gluten free cake.

    You're better off with bark or candy coating discs- they're a million times easier and more foolproof than tempering chocolate. Its cheap at Target, I just did strawberries with it for Easter.

    There are youtube videos of making cake pops you may want to check out. They're super easy to make.

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    1. re: weezieduzzit

      actually GF cakes *can* be pretty's just that many people haven't been fortunate enough to experience the good ones :)

      i'm personally not a fan of cake pops because i don't much care for frosting. but i think they could actually be a good solution for GF cakes, which often suffer texturally - heck, you're crumbling it on purpose! and all that frosting sort of masks the cake anyway.

      @trolley, to keep it simple, you could probably get away with a boxed GF cake mix, just be sure to get one that's nut-free. the candy-coating discs weezie mentioned are the simplest option, but you can also temper regular bar chocolate if you're comfortable with it. however, i would NOT recommend messing around with chocolate chips for the coating- they're formulated *not* to melt.

    2. Don't know if you are interested in Cake Pops for Cheaters. Check out the link
      But you would need nut free timbits.

      1. What about making them with rice krispie treats? I'll bet they'd be a big hit. You can use any chocolate to coat them. You can even heat up buttercream and pour it on/dip them. They'll cool and be smooth and harder.

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          Both for ease in preparation and appeal as a treat I'm in chowser's corner. A simple Rice Krispie (they are available GF) treat presented in a ball (on a stick is a nice touch) with a frosting or chocolate coating would be the way I'd go for a pre-school event.

        2. i also like chowser's suggestion for rice krispie treats. if you want to keep them GF, just be sure to get the right cereal. Kellogg's now (finally!) makes a GF version, but it's a *different* product from the original, which they also still make. Erewhon & Nature's Path also make GF options.

          1. yes, great suggestions from all. GHG, i was hoping you'd chime in and you did!

            i think i'll skip the cake part and go directly into rice krispies.

            the reason i ask about tempering chocolate is that most candy melts (wiltons and merckens) aren't safe from nut contamination. my child has a nut allergy too so i've done extensive research on this. with my own child i may take a chance with merckens b/c they share a facility with nuts but not the same line however, they're to sell to other little kids. frankly, i'm not in the mood to send some child into anaphylaxis with my pops if you know what i mean. there is a company that i can get safe melts from but they're expensive and the shipping. oh the shipping!

            can i just take some hershey bars and melt them with some shortening?

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              i'm glad i caught the thread! i haven't seen much that's inspired me to chime in lately, so this was lucky :) and yes, the Hershey bars + shortening or vegetable oil will be fine.