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Apr 12, 2012 05:13 PM

Gina's by the Sea - E. Dennis

I have been dining at Gina's since 82. Larry confirmed tonight he has been there since 79. It's an institution. Same menu, same waitstaff, same cool beach salt air vibe. I love it. I go pre season in April - June and a few times in the fall, but never in the summer. Their wine list is great. The shrimp scampi is amazing. I LOVE their house dijon dressing. Tonight my friends and I ordered a small antipasto (leftovers to take home), mussels marinara and linguini in red clam sauce (left overs). We shared a little of this and that and with the house bread and real butter and a couple of citrus chilled Savignon Blancs, I was full. It was opening night and the place was packed. I love starting the "season" at Gina's especially with good friends and consistent food and service. Everything was just wonderful!

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  1. Great report. I share your same feelings about the place that Larry and Ross opened in '79. I lived just down the road and went often as many of my friends worked the kitchen and dining room and some lived in the cottages just to the right of the restaurant. We had some wild after hours parties in those days, and yes, the food hasn't changed one iota. And like you said, that's a good thing.

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      And I share both your feelings! But wait, hasn't Gina's been around a lot longer than '79? I swear I went their as a kid, when we'd fight over whether to go to Rose's or Gina's (before the by-the-sea was added)??? I also look forward to going pre-season! Good review.

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        You are correct. Gina's has been there forever. My great grand parents built a summer home on Taunton Avenue when it was still a dirt road in the 40s. In fact, he was the first to plant hydrangeas and gave plants to all the neighbors that you still see there today. We usually went to Rose's as we were close friends of the family. I remember lifting the hatch in the floor to access the wine cellar where the red wine was stored in barrels. I could be trusted to fetch it as I was just a kid, as I guess they thought I'd never take a swig! Of course, that was when Rose was still alive and cooking and the food was really good! Joe Mac's was also a go-to place after a long day at "Nonnie's beach" (Mayflower) Gina's was definately open in the 60s when I was growing up. Larry and Ross, and a third partner whose name escapes me, he was the bartender with Ross, reopened Gina's in '79. What is truly amazing in my eyes is how successful Gina's has been without a single menu change in over 30 years.

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          CapeCodGuy, you have just named our three favorite restaurants in Dennis, each was wonderful and unique in its own way and we mourn the loss of Rose's and the sort of wacky but wonderful Joe Mac's. Fortunately we still have Gina's, long may it live. And many thanks to your great grandparents who planted the gorgeous hydrangeas on Taunton Avenue, it is always a joy to drive down that street.

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            I also remember the 60's there. My Grandfather built the gray cottage behind and to the left of Gina's in the 40's. I believe that Larry & Ross own it now. Many Friday nights my father would have to go into Gina's to get cars moved so that we could drive thru the parking lot to our house. Also, I recently was in Longfellows Pub in Yarmouth (a real Townie joint) and they have the original Joe Mac's sign on the wall in the bar. I hadn't seen it in years.

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              Yes, CCG...I thought so! I spent many good years at Joe Mac's, too. In fact, I still had a t-shirt until recently, if you can believe it. I had a nice lunch yesterday with phelana at Sesuit Cafe. The food was terrific. Then I went to Mayflower Beach...gorgeous.

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                Cislista: do you have a pic of the t-shirt? my boyfriend was obsessed with Joe Mac's and STILL talks about the tshirt he always wanted but never go. Wanted to make one for him for the holidays.

        2. anyone have a pic of the clam tshirt Joe Mac's used to sell?!

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            I was just checking to see if Joe Mac's was still open. Sounds like it's gone. However, I do have the T-Shirt!

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              Your tee shirt is in great shape. I had one from 1976 that had the clam waving a flag in honor the bicentennial. Unfortunately, my wife threw it out. In her defense, it was getting a little ratty.