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Apr 12, 2012 04:29 PM

No time to cook soaked beans


This morning I started soaking some beans (not refrigerated) in order to make soup tonight. Something came up and I won't have time until tomorrow night to make it, 36 hours later. Should I rinse the beans and continue soaking in fresh water or rinse and drain them and then refrigerate until tomorrow night? If I should keep soaking them in fresh water should I put it in the fridge now or keep it out on the counter.


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  1. Change the water and put in the fridge. You could probably even leave them out and nothing would happen. But definitely change the water or they will start to ferment.

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    1. Three easy options:

      1. As per luckyfatima, change water and refrigerate; change water again before cooking, cook as usual.

      2. Drain water, place in colander or sieve, leave on counter to sprout. Rinse and drain every 12 hours until ready to cook, then cook as usual. (Will only have a small rootlet if any.)

      3. Crockpot on low for several hours, depending on the type of bean. Could put on before you go to bed then refrigerate in a.m., reheat when ready to eat. Make sure plenty of water in crockpot.


      1. Thank you all for your advice. I look forward to eating my bean soup tomorrow!

        1. You can also freeze them soaked, and cook them later.