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Apr 12, 2012 01:46 PM

Bachelorette party - restaurant suggestions

Any suggestions for a great place to have a bachelorette dinner party in the Westchester/Santa Monica/West LA area? It would be on a Sunday, probably end of June, with at least 6 people attending, maybe up to 12. I’m hoping to find a somewhat quiet place where the food is great but not over the top expensive (maybe a range of $15-30 per entrée), allows champagne and cake to be brought in, with a good group atmosphere. Any help would be great, especially any suggestions as to what to do afterwards if the bride to be still wants to continue the night!

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  1. Small plates and a lovely rooftop at Zengo at the Santa Monica Promenade.I don't know whether they allow champagne and cake. It's a lively environment so I don't think you'd have to go far to do something afterwards.

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      I was just researching for something similar - an evening bridal shower - and I checked out Zengo. My party ended up elsewhere for geographic reasons, but I remember being impressed with Zengo. The rooftop is pretty (no view of water, though, except from a certain angle), prices are reasonable, and there's a fun, laid-back vibe. The manager (don't remember his name) was very nice and helpful, and they seemed willing to work with our budget and needs. I'm not sure about bringing in outside champagne or cake, though.

    2. Forgot to mention Border Grill, as well. Festive atmosphere, solid food, entrees are in your budget, near other spots for post-party activities, and I believe corkage isn't terrible (maybe $10-$15? But call to confirm).