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Apr 12, 2012 01:41 PM

Almond Milk

I'm new to the almond milk world. Have tried homemade and don't have time to keep making it myself, but want to find the closest thing to it (ie creamy & tasty)!

Have tried a few so far:

- Whole Foods brand - very good but I don't get to whole foods often enough
- Silk brand - very nice
- PC Organics - OK
- Pacific Foods - yucky, threw it out

Do any almond milk connaisseurs have suggestions for me?


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  1. Hello,

    If you can track down some Condorelli-brand Latte di Mandorla (Italian for "almond milk"), you'll be in almond milk heaven! Another 'hound says it is available at the Cheese Boutique on Ripley in Toronto (South of Bloor West Village I think).

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    1. re: susan_e_webb

      I like Earth's Own Almond Fresh (original), available in the organic dairy section at Loblaws or at any other natural food stores.

      1. re: liverwurst

        I like Silk brand. Easy to find. Often on sale at metro. I like the sugar free kind.

        1. re: liverwurst

          Thanks, liverwurst; I second your suggestion. I've just tried it this week (was on sale at Highland Farms for $1.99 last week) - great for drinking and on cereal too!

      2. I live in Chile so there is no almond milk readily available (it might be at some very fancy store full of imports). It sounds intriguingly delicious, and I'd love to try it. Do you just drink it, or add it to things?

        1. I prefer the Blue Diamond brand. Tastes the most like real milk without an almond aftertaste. I had started on the Original (the one with 60 calories) but have since switched to Unsweetened (40) because they were out of the 60 one day. I like it very much, a lot better than soy milk.

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          1. re: AmyH

            One of my kids was trying a lactose-free diet briefly and I picked up the Blue Diamond. I'm not a fan of soy milk but I thought the almond milk was really good and we try to keep it on hand.

            1. re: AmyH

              I also prefer Blue Diamond, original & unsweetened. To me, it does have an almond taste, so I don't use it in coffee or tea, but it's great on cereal. They also have chocolate, which is also very good. We've used it for smoothies as well and one of these days when I have time, I'll try it for desserts.

              1. re: PAO

                put me down for Blue Diamond as well, original unsweet. i LIKE that it has a little almond taste to it. if i had wanted to be drinking cows milk, i woulda bought it! haha.

                it also makes great chocolate almond butter shakes

                1. re: mattstolz

                  another vote for Blue Diamond. I like all of the unsweetened flavors - original, vanilla, and chocolate. Fave is unsweetened vanilla.

                  1. re: gator28

                    ++++1 on Blue Diamond. Any flavor. Love it in cereal. Great for drinking.

              2. re: AmyH

                Have any of you tried cooking with the Blue Diamond almond milk? I've been gifted original & coconut.

                1. re: Stephanie Wong

                  I've made rice pudding, custard and tapioca with them, and those turned out great. I haven't used them in savory dishes, though.

              3. I don't have a specific brand to try because I usually look for it on sale. But I do have to say, look at the ingredients. Some have added salt which is really unpleasant if you are using it in coffee or sweet things. Also do NOT go for the Blue Diamond shelf stable version.

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                1. Question for everyone: on the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze refrigerated half gallons, it says 'use within 7 days.' How many of you chowhounders drink from this stuff well after the 7 days time limit?

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                  1. re: circustance

                    I use it till it's gone. Never noticed any difference after 7 days.

                    1. re: jmcarthur8

                      I usually use mine within 10 days once it's opened and have never had a problem.