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Apr 12, 2012 01:09 PM

Guys Weekend

Hi All, I am heading to Boston with a group of 10 guys for a bachelor weekend. We are looking for a few places to eat and I was hoping someone could help. We are all around 30 and looking for a trendy spot to have some great food, cold beers and hopefully some good music. Fine dining wont work as we want it to be more comfortable for a large group but we are looking for something nice. Any suggestions on a few places. We would love to find a good oyster bar.

Looking forward to the suggestions.

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  1. With 10 people, any place will be a challenge unless you have reservations. Island Creek Oyster Bar and Citizen Pub both come to mind.

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      These are both great suggestions. To pile on the Citizen idea - they do a fantastic whole pig roast that would perfect for a group of guys. You have to book it quite a bit ahead of time, but it's well worth it.

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        Definitely the Citizen. Hopefully you guys like fernet.

      2. For great music and decent enough food Johnny D's in Somerville might fit the bill

        1. How about Eastern Standard? Citizen and Island Creek are also great recs, as others have said.

          1. Get some cocktails at Hawthorne, then beers and dinner at Eastern Standard. Island Creek Oyster Bar would be excellent as well, but I would pitch ESK for a bachelor weekend in that it has a slightly more masculine vibe. ESK has great oysters expertly shucked. The beer list has great range without being a chore to get through.

            However, if you are from somewhere that does not have great seafood and want that, go to Island Creek Oyster Bar.

            (Go to Hawthorn either way)

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              Good suggestions here - Also for the talent, if not the chow: Beehive, Red Lantern, the Brahmin.