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Apr 12, 2012 12:15 PM

1$ Tacos are back in Asbury - Cotija

There was a 1$ taco shop on Main St. in Asbury that unfortunately closed down...well now it's back!

The tacos are pretty tasty and they have really tasty salsas to go with it as's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area and looking for cheap Mexican.

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  1. Cotija is my go to place when I am broke and looking for quailty eats. I lied. Even when I'm not broke I love eating at this joint. Their $1 tacos would cost $9.95 anywhere else. They are truly authentic and simple. None of the typical Americanized taco bullshit drenched in sour cream and guacamole you find at most Mexican restaurants in this country. Just the basics. I mostly get the chicken tacos with diced onion and cilantro with corn tortilla and the refreshing green sauce. I actually drink the green sauce with my taco. It's delicious and so glad this place has re-opened just up the block from my office and around the corner from my apartment. Another reason to love Asbury Park. Try MOGO Korean Tacos on the boardwalk. They are equally as good. My two favorite cheap eats AP destinations along with Bond Street Bar.

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      Is there any OTHER way than that in getting a true and real taco???? Agree with you 110% Jason - two layered soft corn totillas, your choice of meat, minced onions, fresh cilantro and wedges of lime - along with your choice of salsas, rojo or verde.

      In fact, you've just decided my lunch today. A call will go into Joyce's Taqueria in Bound Brook will have me ordering a trio ($2/taco). I have been using a bakery on the west side of Main St. in AP for my taco 'fix' of late - never visited Cojita (were they per chance on the East side of Main?).

      Btw, keep the BSB on the down low. ;-) It's getting harder to get a bar stool in that shoebox to have their food of late. I've yet to have better honey lime chili chicken wings than what one gets there. You've got good taste.

      1. re: JustJake

        Curious as to which bakery you are getting your tacos from!

        1. re: tuxedo

          The one in BB is Joyce's Bakery & Taqueira on Main St.

          The one in Asbury is only known by the building - no name, and it makes and sells baked products like an old time bakery (maybe not the numbers and variety), but I believe that they 'lead' with the baked goods.

          Next time I'm by, I'll stop in and grab a menu should they have and thus see who they are. Gone this weekend though - I'll be happy to NOT be here at the shore.

          1. re: JustJake

            Thanks....Will put Joyce's and the Unknown Asbury one on my list to try!
            Hoping the weather tames "the shore" this weekend!

      2. re: jasont12

        Re: Mogo - I straight up prefer Cotija's tacos to Mogo's, regardless of price. When you consider that Mogo is roughly 2x the price (I think 2 Cotija tacos equal about 1 Mogo in volume) it's a no brainer for me.

        1. re: joonjoon

          You state that Mogo tacos cost twice as much as Cotija's, but then say that Mogos are twice the volume of Cotija's. Sounds pretty much a wash as far as value, might as well go by taste...

          1. re: equal_Mark

            Hey Mark - to clarify, Mogo tacos are 4$, Cotija is 1$. Since Mogo is 2x the volume of Cotija, it comes out to roughly 2x the price in terms of quantity. :)

            As a matter of fact, at 4$ a taco, it makes 8 bucks for 2 tacos. Kind of a rip off if you ask me.

            1. re: joonjoon

              Strictly by price I guess you are right, but what about flavor? (I've not tried Mogo yet). In this area you can find a taqueria selling Mexican tacos in dozens of locations. I can't think of anywhere else selling Korean Tacos. I would imagine there could be a premium based simply on rarity. I do expect to try some of Mogos fare this weekend...

              1. re: equal_Mark

                check out KBG located in New Brunswick, you'll be blown away!!