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Apr 12, 2012 11:51 AM

Mail Order Ingredients

I will soon be moving to a remote location so I am building a list for sourcing ingredients via mail order (including international).

Living on an island currently but the mainland isn't far away, although fare is typical supermarket; moving to a more remote island where fare will be even less varied.

Locally I can't even find green peppercorns, let alone anything more "exotic".

Anyone care to share quality online sources for food ingredients, especially spices?

Opinions welcome too, and thanks in advance!

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  1. Spices:
    The Savory Spice Shop
    Love them both.

    Specialty items:
    I just noticed that you're in the state of Washington so Kalustyans may not be viable but there are specialty markets in your area that would ship to your island home... surely.

    I have had very good luck buying unavailable ingredients from Amazon, of all places.

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      I second Penzey's for spices. And Amazon as well. They carry a lot of things that can be difficult to find - Chinese Salted Preserved Black Beans for one. In addition, they have very good prices on items in bulk, which would definitely be a boon to someone living in a remote location.

    2. World Spice Merchants, Seattle Washington
      outstanding prices and customer service

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        Yes! World Spice is great with unbeatable prices. The ONLY exception I've found is their truffle salt, which I find notably harsher than my usual Fusion brand, but it was also notably less expensive. Everything else has been outstanding. For anything I can't get from World Spice I turn to first and look for things that include free shipping. With you will often find an identicle item offered by several shippers at different prices and you have to pay attention to which ones offer free shipping because "cheapest" can turn out to be most expensive once you add shipping charges!

      2. Heck, as noted above Amazon has a fairly broad spectrum of food options. They're generally my go-to for unusual ingredients just because their pricing is generally better.

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            Count me in as a fan of the apricot king! Dried apricots, jam and sales!
            A few CH posts discussing their purchases can be found here:

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              Barry Farm offers the best cheddar powder, and it's the ONLY low fat cheese powder I've ever found. That means longer shelf life (not that that is ever a problem) and great cheese flavor without upping the fat content. I DO love me some luscious brocolli cheese and cauliflower cheese soups!

              for vanilla beans, dried mushrooms and saffron.

              Vietnamese coffee (instant and by the lb.


              Full range Thai grocery (produce, spices, condiments, ware


              All things pizza-making, amazing fresh cheese mail-order dept.