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Apr 12, 2012 11:33 AM

3 (interrupted) days in SF

My husband and I are visiting SF for a family event for three days in June, but would also love to do some touring of neighborhoods that offer artisan producers/foodie stores/farm to table restaurants. Any ideas which neighborhoods to target and any specialty stores/restaurants that are must-do's?

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  1. Definitely stop by the Ferry Building. If you can do it on a Sat. Morning when the farmer's market is on.

    From what I understand, you are looking for a nice walking neighborhood with mustard shops/delicatessens/restaurants etc. I'm having trouble thinking of an SF neighborhood that is like this (besides the Ferry Building). Hopefully someone else will chime in....

    4th Street in Berkeley is an option. Also, the Gourmet Ghetto area in Berkeley, and the area around the Rockridge Bart Station.

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      Yeah, besides the Ferry Building, there's no particular neighborhood, places are scattered around town.

      Gourmet Ghetto and Rockridge don't really have that much going on. If you wander within a half-mile radius of the Fourth Street mall, there's a lot.

      1. I think Hayes Valley (Hayes St btw Laguna and Franklin) is fun: Fatted Calf charcuterie, Smitten ice cream, Blue Bottle coffee, Ritual coffee, La Boulange bakery cafe, True Sake, Arlequin Wine, Miette candy store, Christopher Elbow chocolate, plus quite a few restaurants (Bar Jules, Hayes St Grill, Nojo for more locally sourced suppliers) and other shopping to round out your time.