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Apr 12, 2012 11:24 AM

Everyday places around 46th and 10th?

We've just moved to the area and need some ideas for everyday dining. We tried Tulcingo Del Valle last night and really enjoyed it. We've also tried Pio Pio, a Morroccan place I can't remember and Daisy May BBQ. Any other neighborhood eats we should sample? Thanks!

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  1. There's Azuri Cafe for Israeli food. And Ardesia for small plates. Ardesai can get a bit pricey compared to your other choices as their portions are small. And 9th Ave has a whole slew of restaurants such as Wondee Siam and Empanada Mama.

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      Thanks Miss Needle. We'll have to give those a try. We actually ate at Wondee Siam yesterday and enjoyed it!

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        The pizza looks delicious! We'll definitely try it - thanks.

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          I had pizza there soon after they opened. Perhaps they weren't up to speed yet, but the pizza was very underdone. In that general area I've had better pizza at Zigolinis. Your pictures look very good, though (as always). I should go back and try them again. They have good pedigree.

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            Thanks for the compliment, FoodDabbler! :) Our pizza was not underdone, nor overdone, but just right.


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              I gave Don A. another shot last week. I remain unconvinced. It's a floppy, Keste-style pizza, but a bit too floppy for me. The connection with Naples is very, very remote. (I had pizza in Naples last July that wasn't from another country, more another planet.) My reservations go beyond the floppiness. The plain white pizza (Bianche, Mast'nicola) was almost a pure piece of dough, barely kissed by the promised pecorino, and with lardo only having driven by an adjoining street (if that). The pizza with sausage and salami was better. It took the #2 spot, behind the excellent fried spaghetti cake appetizer (Fritattine). The Rustica salad and the Arancini were so-so. The Materdei (a fried calzone) was terrible: thick slivers of mediocre pink salami with a dab of ricotta here and there. I'd asked for a plain, baked cheese calzone, but was told the kitchen could not handle substituions or changes. They have, they said, big tubs of premixed ricotta and salami sitting around, and that was all they could fill calzones with.

            1. Welcome to the neighborhood!

              Toloache for Mexican, at 50th and 8th.
              Shimizu for sushi, at 51th and b/t 8th and 9th
              Totto Ramen for ramen, at 52nd and 9th
              Danji for Korean, at 52nd and b/t 8th and 9th

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                Awesome recs above. I especially love Danji - try the bulgogi sliders and the buckwheat noodles.

                I absolutely love Kashkaval, which is a bit higher on 56th and 9th. It's a charming Mediterranean wine bar hidden in the back of a cheese shop (weird, I know). Great wine selection, a large variety of fondues and small plates, and a charming atmosphere.

                Pam Real Thai on 47th and 9th is a wonderful hidden treasure, and Empanada Mama on 9th between 51st and 52nd has delicious empanadas, appetizers and soups. Each empanada is just a few bucks, which is perfect for tasting a bunch.

                Hope this helps!

              2. Hallo Berlin for wurst und bier!