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Apr 12, 2012 11:15 AM

Coming Soon: Famous Hamburger on Steinway

Anyone know more about this joint? I swear to god, it's raining frozen yogurt and hamburgers in Astoria.

What's odd about this one is that according to the website, the only other FHamburger is a stand along restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan.

Anyone got details?

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  1. I love hamburgers but we have too many burger joints in Astoria now. That being said, sounds like this place - if it is part of the same chain as in Dearborn - is halal, and hookah friendly, which would fit in there on Steinway.

    1. It may sound odd, but Dearborn, MI is the city with the largest ratio of Arab-Americans in the entire U.S. Perhaps a family member or friend of a Dearborner resides within Astoria's large Arab-American community and is opening up a branch. That may explain the connection.

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        Justpaula, I was thinking along those same lines, too.

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          Yes Justpaula, very good observation. Plus the whole hookah lounge scene on Friday and Saturday nights will definitely draw some customers to them. Hookah bars have become and will remain a multicultural interest. There's no doubt in my mind that there are burger scarfers in those weekend crowds, and perhaps even a few J. Wellington Wimpy characters also.

        2. Just ate there yesterday.
          The pros:
          It's clean, airy and halal
          The cons:
          The service was terrrible. It was about 6pm on a Saturday, there were only 2 other tables with customers, and not only did they take a long time (which I don't really mind all that much), but they brought out 3 people's order and then took almost another 10 minutes to bring out the last order. Very unprofessional. I also saw a cook staring out the order window from the kitchen, eating something.
          The food: My falafel wrap was not a pita, but rather a stale tortilla! It was awful. The actual falafel balls were good, though. The friends that had burgers said they were OK. The falafel plate was reported to be good.
          The service was poor, but that might have been mostly due to the cooks not knowing how to time the plates.

          I'm never going back there.