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Apr 12, 2012 11:03 AM

Shogun 18 AYCE Sushi - anyone try?

Just wondering if anyone's tried the AYCE sushi deal at Shogun 18 in East Brunswick? Apparently, everything is made to order (not a buffet). Just wondering about quality & selection.

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  1. Well, I had the night to myself, so I decided to go last Friday night. The cost was $22.95 (weekend price - weekdays are $20.95). Comparable in price to Makkoli in East Brunswick or Tokyo Sushi buffet in Freehold.

    Was it worth it? Yes. I estimated I ate at least $50.00 worth of food if it was priced a la carte. Would I go back? Definitely. Did I eat too much? Of course.

    Note that the selection is somewhat limited. You're not going to find yellowtail, sea urchin, or toro here, but there are still some nice choices.

    The shrimp shumai (from the appetizer section) were quite possibly the best I've ever had.. delightfully crispy on the outside, served hot, with a pronounced meaty shrimp interior. Served 2 pieces per order.

    They give you a paper menu, and a pen, and you mark off what you want. Note that nigiris are 1 per order.. so is sashimi - 1 pc. per order. Of course, you can eat as much as you'd like.. you'd just have a lot of separate orders. Another nice thing about this buffet? No time limit.

    I ended up having two orders. I also had two drinks (they have a full bar). I had a Bali Coco (coconut milk and rum), and a Red Death (too much to list). At $5.50 and $6.00 respectively, I found the drinks to be reasonable, and they packed a nice punch.

    There are two sides to the menu.. kitchen on the left, and sushi on the right. On the kitchen side, there is a selection of soups, salads, appetizers, "Agemono Fry", teriyaki, and rice/noodles. The only thing I had from the kitchen side were two orders of the excellent shrimp shumai.

    On the sushi side, they have maki rolls, nigiri sushi, sashimi, and special rolls. Oh, and dessert (selection of ice creams). I had a spicy tuna roll, which I found to be good. I also had a spider roll, which I was impressed with, because it came out still warm. Really good.

    The fish for the nigiris was thickly cut.. they didn't skimp on the portions. I found the salmon to be buttery and delicious. The standout, though, was the mackerel. Usually, when I have mackerel, it's overly vinegared. This wasn't. It was outstanding. Best I've had in NJ since I moved back here from Boston in late 2005.

    Another nice touch was the shiso leaf included with each order of sashimi.

    Good, but not great service, despite the fact that I had 3 different servers waiting on me.

    I look forward to returning, hopefully soon!

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      Great review! Thanks, I really have a great sense of what to expect.