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Apr 12, 2012 10:48 AM

Place to buy Yellow Eyed Beans in Montreal?

Yellow Eyed Beans are common in Atlantic Canada but I can't find a store in Montreal that carries them. Would anyone know of one?

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  1. Are there any Maritimers who follow this blog? Has anyone eaten Cape Breton baked beans in Montreal?

    1. i have been searching for these beans for several years now. My mother, in the Eastern Townships, also used them for her baked beans. I haven't been able to find them in Montreal. I checked at the Branche d'Olivier this morning, but they don't have them either. Perhaps they can be ordered on line.

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      1. re: susanharriet

        I'm very surprised that Branche L'Olivier didn't offer to order them for you.

      2. when I head to Maine, I can get some, about 2lbs for 6.00 dollars...
        let me know if you want some, I will be there in the summah

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        1. re: Chewabacca

          Thanks for the info Chewabacca, but since I first posted the article I found them at Bulk Barn on the West Island. About the same price.
          Good eating and don't forget the cornbread!

        2. According to Termium Plus, they are haricots à oeil jaune or haricots à hile jaune in French, if that is any help.

          Hile is "Hilum" in English; the scar where a bean or seed was attached.

          Bulk Barn has an entry for them, in English and in French, but their closest location to me (near JTM) is at Blue Bonnets shopping centre, nowhere near here.