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Apr 12, 2012 09:28 AM

Visiting NYC--please assist with dining choices!

Hi CHers! I know there are lots of posts about where to dine but was hoping you all could help me with my list. I haven't been back to NYC in many years and am really excited about all the places to eat at :) Any feed back is welcome and much appreciated!

Day 1
Breakfast: Ess-A Bagel or something quick in Rockefeller Center
Lunch: Nougatine (reservation made)
Dinner: Daniel (reservation made)

Day 2
Breakfast: Sarabeth's Central Park South or Alice's Tea Cup Chapter 2 (what do you guys think)
Lunch: Momofuku Ssam Bar
Dinner: Babbo (reservation made)

Day 3
Breakfast: Cafeteria (will be heading to Science Museum: 47-01 111th Street Corona, NY 11368 so open to any breakfast place really)
Lunch: OPEN
Dinner: Eleven Madison Park (reservation made)

Day 4
Breakfast/Brunch: db Bistro Moderne (has anyone tried their CROQUE A TROIS? I really like croque madam and have read some great reviews on it here! But if you guys have any other recs, please let me know!)
Afternoon Tea: Palm Court at Plaza Hotel
Dinner: Le Bernardin (reservations made, wait-listed for Per Se)


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  1. I'm in awe that you managed to get reservations at the EMP, Le Bernardin, Babbo, and Daniel,. Some of us locals aren't so lucky!

    Is there a reason why you've chosen Nougatine over Jean Georges?

    For breakfast, I'd skip Sarabeth's and Cafeteria in favor of Locanda Verde, Balthazar, The Breslin, or Maialino.

    For lunch on Day 3, I'd suggest another Italian place like Marea, Lincoln, Ai Fiori, or Ciano. Or something offbeat like Cannibal or Kin Shop. If you like Indian food, you might try Junoon.

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    1. re: H Manning

      I looked at the lunch menus for Nougatine and JG and actually preferred the choices at Nougatine better.

      1. re: cali23

        Service at Nougatine can be really terrible. I'd choose Jean Georges over Nougatine 100% of the time.

    2. I too think Sarabeth's is over rated. Haven't tried the other so no comparison.

      1. Diner plans sound great....Day three lunch ...if you are going to Corona, in the borough of Queens, next to Corona is Woodside..perhaps the best Thai food in NYC @ SriPraPhai 64-17 39th avenue, Woodside....if you are taking public transportation the # 7 train will take you to both places...

        Inso far as Le Bernadin..and The Palm Court...I am a plumbing contractor in NYC....I did the plumbing for the building where LeBernadin and the restaurant itself is. It is actually off the lobby of a major office building...Been there many times since we did of the best in NYC, perhaps the USA!...I also performed the plumbing at the recent 300 million dollar renovation of the Plaza....the Palm Court is nice to look at, but tea there is fair..I know the owners and the managers of the space....Don't waste you money there...You can enter and look at the space , which is nice...and no charge..

        1. Day 4 Tea....St. Regis 55th street off of 5th avenue......

          1. Overall, your itinerary seems pretty heavy on the French and Italian restaurants and fine dining. I'd try to mix it up a little.

            > Day 1
            > Breakfast: Ess-A Bagel or something quick in Rockefeller Center

            Try Bouchon Bakery or wichcraft.

            > Lunch: Nougatine (reservation made)
            > Dinner: Daniel (reservation made)

            Are you sure that's not too much French in one day?

            > Day 2
            > Breakfast: Sarabeth's Central Park South or Alice's Tea Cup Chapter 2 (what do you guys think)
            > Lunch: Momofuku Ssam Bar
            > Dinner: Babbo (reservation made)

            Nice day you have planned but for breakfast, I would think about Locanda Verde, Clinton St Baking Company, the Breslin, but much depends upon whether this is a weekday or weekend. Clinton St is excellent but super busy on weekends but much easier on a weekday.

            Best weekday breakfast:

            Best weekend brunch:

            > Day 3
            > Breakfast: Cafeteria (will be heading to Science Museum: 47-01 111th Street Corona, NY 11368 so open to any breakfast place really
            )> Lunch: OPEN
            > Dinner: Eleven Madison Park (reservation made)

            You mean the New York Hall of Science, right? I would grab a quick pastry or something -- if you are staying in Chelsea, maybe Doughnut Plant or La Maison du Macaron.

            Then spend a morning at the NY Hall of Science, and then take the 7 train in one stop further, and explore somewhere in Flushing for lunch. Search on the Outer Boroughs boards for help.

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            1. re: kathryn

              thanks for the feedback!

              For now:

              Day 2: Breakfast: Alice's Tea Cup Chapter II or The Breslin
              Day 3: Breakfast: You guys think Cafe D'Alsace or Pastis? I am obsessed with Croque Madam and both seem to get great reviews for it.

              I have brunch reservations for DB Bistro Moderne for Day 4, but was thinking maybe Balthazar or Untitled instead...thoughts?

              Also, what places offer the best pastry/bread baskets for breakfast?

              I am also planning to get sweets from Levain Bakery and Maison Lauduree, any other must eats? Doughnut Plant really that good?


              1. re: cali23

                I've had excellent pastry baskets at brunch at:
                Union Square Cafe - I liked the sea salt brioche and cinnamon bun best
                The Dutch - amazing doughnut and muffin, only 3 items though
                Balthazar - the fruit focaccia, chocolate loaf bread, and sticky bun are my favorites, the croissant is only OK, and this basket is pricey, but it's also large

                Friends have raved about the one at North End Grill, which I haven't tried yet.

                Doughnut Plant is good for NY, but other cities have better doughnuts overall (Chicago, LA). I like their cake doughnuts a lot; the yeast-raised ones are too chewy for my liking (kind of like a chewier Krispy Kreme). Much depends upon your personal preference for doughnuts (flavors, textures).

                In addition to Levain and Laduree, check out Bouchon Bakery (as I mentioned above) and also Two Little Red Hens, although it really depends what you want, French style sweets or American style. And what your favorite items are -- some of our bakeries can be quite hit or miss.

                For a recent French patisserie discussion:

                Best American style patisseries:

                1. re: cali23

                  Unless you have an 8 yr old little girl with you, don't waste time going to Alice's Tea Cup Chapter II . And choosing it over The Breslin? Not even a contest!

                2. re: kathryn

                  Agreed on Flushing, and on consulting the Outer Boroughs board. It would be a shame to go so far into Queens and not spend more time there. We New Yorkers know that Queens is a very interesting borough.

                  Alternate idea for breakfast: What about Cafe Mogador? to cali23: The East Village is an interesting area of Manhattan, and none of your proposed eateries is in the area. Does Mogador serve the best breakfast in New York? I don't think so, but neither is it expensive. Their various egg standbys are excellent (I get the Moroccan Eggs most often, myself), and they have very good mezes. And their house-made harissa sauce is delicious and for sale as well as for use in the restaurant. Plus, they have the spirit of an East Village hangout, which is worth your experiencing.

                  I also notice that Katz's is not on your list. Do you not like pastrami too much? Because that's another downtown place to go to, it just oozes with character and history, and you can buy a single pastrami sandwich and share it two ways for breakfast or lunch. And then walk around the Lower East Side.