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Apr 12, 2012 09:28 AM

Top 5 places in Key West area

Hi Everyone -
We are traveling to Key West next week from a Ft Lauderdale trip and am looking for recs to eat. I have read the posts and I could use more help Please!

We like places with great food. Fresh, delicious, creative, ethnic - it's all good! Don't really need to go fancy unless it is just the best ever.

Any advice is most appreciated!

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  1. For sitdown Cuban food I would recommend Havan 1 or El Siboney........for a quick Cuban sandwich (or some good breakfast sandwiches on pressed Cuban bread with some good Cuban coffee) I would recommend Sandy's Cafe or Cuban Coffee Queen.

    Bad Boy Burrito has some decent quick grab bites in the obvious form of burrito's......Garbo's Grill (food cart) has some interesting and fresh eats....loved the hot dog with grilled onions and grilled mango. Add a little hot sauce.....normally also has fish tacos or burritos.

    I like La Trattoria for an good Italian fact, it is about the only place on Duval I would bother eating. Santiago's Bodega always comes highly recommended, but I have never been there myself.....might have to try it when I'm down in a month or two.

    Personally I like to stick to the little family owned places.....sometimes holes in the wall, but I worry more about the quality of the food and decent prices than great atmosphere!!!

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    1. Garbo's Grill food cart - Fish Tacos

      Pisces - Seafood - a little romantic and fancy

      BlackFin Bistro

      Seven Fish

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        Ditto on Seven Fish. Make reservations, since it is a small restaurant.

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          We were just in KW last weekend. Very nice dinner at La Trattoria. Great service. We had a wonderful dinner at Cafe Marquesa. Fresh tasting dishes, yummy fish. They know how to make a solid drink with side car for your martini. It is a short walk off Duval, on Fleming. It was a nice break from the Duval strip. We also ate at our hotel's Hot Tin Roof. Very nice service, beautiful setting outside.