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Apr 12, 2012 09:27 AM

Small, private business dinner in Lisbon


I will be in Lisbon in May for a conferenece. I am trying to find a place where I can host an upscale (30-40 euros per person) dinner in a private dinning room. There wil be 6 to 9 people attending.

The group is from the US, France, Germany, and Hong Kong. Privacy is a must because we will discuss business.

I have read the many wonderful suggestions, but nothing seems to fit such a small group. Any ideas?

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  1. Tagide might fit the bill... Does not cost much to ask them:
    otherwise Clara:

    1. Clube de Jornalistas in Lapa has a lovely private room with antique tiles - it is number 1 on TripAdvisor & good value so might be an option. Rua das Trinas 129, Lisboa, Portugal
      +351 213 977 138 ‎

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      1. re: yourlisbonguide

        I checked Clube de Jornalistas' website, but there does not seem to be any food-related information. Does it take reservations?

      2. I had several group meals (about 10 persons) in a private room close to the kitchen in Assinatura

        Other nice private room is near Belem Tower in Vela Latina.

        Tágide is also a nice option, but i think they closed the private room and now is a wine bar

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        1. re: bimbog

          I second Vela Latina, very nice old fashion restaurant, I go there regularly:
          Assinatura would be a good place too, I did not know they had a private room.

          1. re: monchique

            Vela Latina does look good. Will they have a room small enough for my group?

            Never mind, I just read that the Yacht Club area seats 12.

            1. re: rsTravel

              This link might help you, it has a photo of the private room and some menus...

              1. re: monchique

                Thank you. I now have some solid leads.

          2. re: bimbog

            Thanks, bimbog. I saw Assinatura too, but I was concerned about the noise from the kitchen. Thier private room is a chef's table with one wall open to the kitchen. My group enjoys food, but we do not want too much distraction. Was it very noisy? I will keep Assinatura as a backup.

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              We never had problems with the noise in Assinatura, but they have a glass door to close and make a completely private room with view without noise..
              Vela Latina is a good restaurant with traditional portuguese food.
              Assinatura is a very good restaurant with modern portuguese food (for me one of the best in Lisbon)

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