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Apr 12, 2012 07:56 AM

Good eats in Naples/Estero/Bonita Springs?

We will be staying in Naples (5th Ave & 2nd St) in September.
Where should we eat?

Looking for reasonably priced places plus a few more expensive places to treat ourselves.
We don't mind driving 30 minutes or so away from Naples but would also like to walk to a few meals on 5th Ave or 3rd St.

Would welcome recommendations for breakfast, coffee places, sandwiches, mexican, pizza/italian, burgers, steakhouses or anything else that you think we should try!

Thank you.

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  1. this is mostly naples...

    First Watch
    Olympia dining
    and if you dont mind alittle drive...Nanas diner in golden gate

    Tropic chill
    Pastrami dans
    Simply Southern Bbq does some pretty good lunch sandwiches also..

    Five Guys..
    Gyrene Burgers arent bad..but its all they have is 2 burgers,chips and drinks

    Downtown..i like
    Chops City grill
    and down an alley off 5th Brambles Tea Room

    and one of the regulars on here has a blog you can check for more ideas


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    1. re: srsone

      Thank you so much for the suggestions and we'll certainly look at that blog. Thanks again.

    2. There's a pretty new place on Fifth Avenue South called Alberto's...a few of my co-workers have eaten there and have already gone back again, they liked it very far only open for dinner and here's the review from today's paper just in case you are interested--

      Also, Inca's Peruvian is still rockin' it, so I hear...they are not on Fifth Ave...but still in Naples...see insatiable appetite's review.

      IM Tapas is lovely, not very far from Fifth...see insatiable appetite's review.

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      1. re: Val

        Have been trawling through the blog mentioned above. Just what we need, so helpful! Thank you so much.

        1. re: scooby99

          I had breakfast this morning at First Watch and it was terrible,,,,
          Now I know why I haven't been there in 5-years...

      2. I like Campiello for upscale Italian with a wood burning oven. Rosso Pommodoro has pretty authentic Neopolitan wood-fired pizza. Tommy Bahamas is a great place for lunch with nice outdoor patio. Definitely check out Inca's Kitchen-I've been there a few times in the last month and it's firing on all cylinders.

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        1. re: RevrendAndy

          Incas Kitchen seems to be mentioned a lot as a must do so deffo on the list.

          Thanks so much.

        2. Skillets is solid for breakfast. It's in a strip mall. My GF and I checked it out on a whim and really enjoyed it. They do some of their own baking too.

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          1. re: dskirsa

            a second for Skillets. Really very good. I usually go to the one on Bonita Beach RD.

          2. Another suggestion for breakfast: Chrissy B's in the Tanglewood Plaza, near Outback and Snyderman's Shoes. Delicious pancakes and french toast. Try the skillets, too -- I had one recently with lots of fresh vegetables (spinach, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes), over a hash-brown casserold and topped with eggs. The Bananas Foster french toast is positively decadent.

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            1. re: Alto2

              Thanks for the other replies, added to the list! :0)