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Apr 12, 2012 07:55 AM

Indonesia - restaurant/market recommendations

Hi hounders - heading to Indonesia and am looking for all your recommendations on places to eat -- from the street carts to the fancy restaurants with a view. We will be in Ubud, Uluwatu and Yogyakarta when we visit. We eat everything, are really in to food, and are willing to go out of the way to find it. The only places to eat that I have read about so far as Ibu Oka and Bebuk Bengil - which both sound like they have become touristy -- and Mozaic, which is super fancy. Will definitely do the Jimbaran seafood stalls when we are in Uluwatu as well. We typically do street food/casual restaurants for lunch and something a bit nicer (or a night market) for dinner when we travel to southeast asia. So what restaurants/dishes/markets would you recommend?

Also, I typically take a cooking class when I travel - any suggestions?


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  1. If you want to try some duck, "bebek tepi sawah" in Ubud was quite famous too
    Many foreigners seem to enjoy Sari Organic as well as Naughty's Nuri (known for its ribs) in Ubud
    Personally, I don't find the places above to be that fantastic, but many people like it

    Jimbaran seafood is a nice experience indeed, but again it's just grill seafood
    Unfortunately, these places have become kinda like "tourist trap" - if you hire a car+driver, I'm quite sure the drive would strongly recommend you going there as he will receive some tips from the restaurants. I prefer to go to proper resto for eating seafood

    I've never attended any cooking class, but I heard many positive reviews about Paon Bali cooking class in Ubud. Sorry that I cannot be helpful about Yogya's dining scene ...