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Apr 12, 2012 07:43 AM

Downtown Phoenix for 5 recs

Hi all. I am going to be staying in downtown Phoenix just off of Van Buren and 7th for 5 nights. Since I will be in training classes until approximately 5 each evening, I was looking for some good places to go for great food and drinks. I know I am close to Pizzeria Bianco and plan on hitting it a few times, but I dont really know where else around there to go. I am thinking about taking a cab up to Scottsdale to go to Citizen Public House as well as FnB. Also thinking about going to the grind for a burger....but i know those places will be a hike. Any thoughts for somewhere close to where I am staying for me to hit up. A good bar is a huge plus since I will probably be flying solo. THANKS!

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  1. I estimate round trip cab fare to CPH / FnB to be at least $50. I would look for downtown options. I don't have much recent experience, there. I've been to Pita Jungle, which isn't very close to you. Also, I've had lunch at Carly's Bistro and Los Dos Molinos, and breakfast at Matt's Big Breakfast. There are existing threads that focus more on dinner options.

    1. As mentioned above, cab fare to Old Town Scottsdale will be rough, possibly $40 each way. Using the light rail, you can get to Postino Central and St Francis. Postino Central isn't bad, although people here seem to think it's the greatest thing ever. They do have a pretty good $20 bruschetta and wine deal on Mondays and Tuesdays, but it's not on a CPH/FnB level. I like St Francis a lot. The food is basic, but solid and the building and patio are quite nice. Both places have a bar that is food-friendly. You may also want to try Noca at 32nd st and Camelback (halfway to the scottsdale places you mention).

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        I forgot to mention Tuck Shop in the Coronado neighborhood.

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          tuck shop is very good and makes a great gin and tonic (homemade tonic) and hendricks gin

      2. As others have noted, a taxi to & from Scottsdale would be so expensive you might be better off renting a car for the day. Maybe you could do that for one portion of your visit, but otherwise you can find plenty within walking distance or accessible via light rail ($3.50 for a day pass). You haven't told us much about your tastes and budget, so I'll just recommend a few of my favorites.

        Let's start with those within walking distance:

        Nobuo at Teeter House -- across from Pizzeria Bianco. Mix of contemporary fusion & Japanese tavern in an historic home. I would say it's tied with Pizzeria Bianco for the best options very close to your hotel.

        District Kitchen -- restaurant in the Downtown Sheraton at 3rd St & Van Buren. Far, far better than a restaurant in a Sheraton would be expected to be. Emphasis on American food, local ingredients, and craft beers.

        The Breadfruit -- Jamaican food and an extensive list of rums from the bar next door. Good seafood dishes, jerk chicken, and innovative cocktails.

        Downtown Phoenix Public Market -- Go there on Wednesday evening to eat from some of the food trucks that park there on that night and buy some local specialties to take home.

        Sens -- Asian tapas, sake, cocktails. Moving soon to a new location two miles north near the Central/Thomas light rail station. Call first to verify where the restaurant is located.

        Thai'd Up -- One of three Thai restaurants in the Downtown core and the one I am currently most familiar with.

        The Roosevelt -- Craft beer and a limited, but high quality, menu of bar snacks and sandwiches.

        Tom's Tavern -- Good barbecue in a sort of classic atmosphere recently restored.

        Taking the train uptown opens up more options:

        St. Francis & Postino -- both mentioned in other posts. Also, the Windsor & its neighboring ice cream shop, Churn, as well as Aiello's Italian are near Central / Camelback station.

        I could continue, but maybe it would be better to understand your tastes better before running on too long.

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          one of my friends just was telling me about The Breadfruit, said it was good and they had some good drinks, i like the amount of rum they have so that has to be a good start

          i would also +1 St Francis and I have been to the other Postino's and have to assume they are both serving equal food

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            +1 on The Breadfruit. We love that place.

        2. Not mentioned yet is the Arrogant Butcher, which I really like downtown. Also in that same complex if you want a beer is a place called Copper Blues, they have around 50 outstanding beers on tap- I can't speak for the food, however, so go at your own risk in that regard.

          Rose and Crown, directly across from Bianco, is a great little English Pub- also can't speak to the food there, unfortunately- maybe a good spot for before/after dinner beer at Biancos.

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            Seconded on Arrogant Butcher. Great spot for food at Cityscape. And I love the vibe of Copper Blues at night.

          2. Lot's of good suggestions. Central Ave. has lots of places many of which are mentioned. Pane Bianco is Chris Bianco's sandwich shop. If you are there on Friday, try the food trucks on Central just south of Roosevelt. Also accessible via light rail and just minutes away is Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe, which has a national reputation. A short cab ride away is Lolo's Chicken and Waffles which is an experience you will talk about when you get home.