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can you still find caponata in super markets?

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referring to the italian eggplant/olive appetizer.

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  1. I picked up some kosher for Passover Sabra caponata at Wegmans.

    1. I seem to recall a similar query looking for, or mentioning a specific brand of Caponata, possibly Progresso or Pope? If this is what you are looking for, then I believe the item was discontinued. I'm sure different brands are available, especially at an Italian Specialties Food store.

      1. i see Sabra everywhere, from large chains to independent specialty stores. i've also spotted Cento in a few places. i'm pretty sure Trader Joe's sells their own version, and i think i recently saw one or two options at Whole Foods as well.

        1. I see at least two brands (can't remember which since I don't buy it, I make my own) in the pickle aisle every time I go to Shop Rite where I live in NJ.

          1. Ahhh - Caponata. Progresso-brand Caponata was ALWAYS in my mother's pantry, & mine as well, until the product was discontinued a number of years ago (when Progresso was taken over by General Mills). It was wonderful stuff - just the right seasoning & not too acid. Made an excellent addition to antipasto platters, as a topping for salads, bruschetta, & even as an impromptu pasta dressing.

            It never fails that when I'm in love with a particular product - in this case both Progresso's Caponata AND their "Pepper Salad" - they discontinue it. I find it such a shame that companies these days feel the need to always dumb-down their product lines to the lowest common denominator. In Progresso's case, that's come down to chicken broth, soup, canned clam sauce (which is actually quite good, so they'll probably discontinue that next), bread crumbs, & a few pesto sauces.

            Now, as others have stated, there are other brands out there, but if you're looking for Progresso, which used to dominate the market, that boats has - sadly - sailed.

            1. Pastene's caponata is pretty ubiquitous in the greater Boston area.

              1. I LOVED those little cans of Progresso Caponata. It was perfectly seasoned and textured...super in an omelet right out of the can. And the cans were adorable...I used them to hold pencils and brushes in my studio. why indeed did Progresso discontinue that product, just as caponata was becoming more known in America? i grieved...still grieve...Progresso...bring it back!

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                  the problem is that the progresso family sold out to a mega corporate entity. nothing tastes the same. many of the old products are gone.