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Apr 12, 2012 06:57 AM

St Remy and Paris (7th Arr.)

Staying just outside of St Remy and in the 7th in Paris. Any help on restaurants ... like to be able to have a conversation and about 100E for two with wine. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Where "outside of St Rémy" are you staying? And how far are you willing to travel?
    Here are a few suggestions in your budget:
    le Mas du Capoun in Mollégès (closed TUE/WED)
    le Bistrot du Paradou in le Paradou (closed SUN/MON; dinner FRI & SAT only out of season;
    dinner TUE-SAT in season; lunch TUE-SAT)
    Bistrot Découverte in St Rémy (closed SUN dinner/MON)

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    1. re: boredough

      Thanks for the response. Staying in a rental about 3kms west of St. Remy. Would be interested in any restaurant within about 50-75 kms. for lunch on day trips and anything within the town of St. Remy or 5-10 kms away for dinner.

      1. re: dudley123

        Michelin says that Mollégès & Paradou are 12 kms from St Rémy, so hopefully you'll find them acceptable distances for dinner. As for lunch:
        l'Arôme in Bonnieux (closed WED/THUR)
        la Ferme de la Huppe in Gordes (closed SUN/MON)
        le Fournil in Bonnieux (closed MON/TUE)

        1. re: dudley123

          Ferme-Auberge de Barbegal, between St Rémy and Arles, has farm-fresh food. It's a real farm, with a restaurant side-business. Therefore the restaurant is not open every day. Therefore must reserve.
          Don't forget to visit the Roman mills 1 km away.

          Actually Arles is not far away and has many good restaurants, much talked about on this board. You can use th search function to find them.

          St Rémy too has tons of threads that you can look up. If you have already done so, sorriest:

        1. re: Parigi

          Parigi, thanks for the response but I couldn't understand it ... maybe my computer got things mixed up.

          1. re: dudley123

            to boredough's st.remy area list I would add La Maison Jaune in St Remy (wonderful terrace setting and food) and the bistro of chez bru in eygalieres center (their formal restaurant is a few km away and very expensive but also worth considering).

            1. re: dudley123

              She is just suggesting a couple of relevant threads on this topic that you can find using the search function. They are links you can click on directly in her post.