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Apr 12, 2012 06:23 AM

Baltimore outdoor lunch

Since the weather will be great again on Sunday, I'm looking for a casual place where my husband and I can have lunch and eat outdoors. The closer to the Science Center, the better, as we'll be dropping off our kids there at a party, before heading out on our own.

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  1. I know I have a higher opinion of the food here than many people on this board, but it sounds like it'll be a perfect afternoon to spend some time on the patio at Little Havana. You could also try to secure one of the few outside tables at Ryleighs.

    1. Another option could be Pratt Street Ale house, assuming there isn't a day game at the stadium. Decent to good food. And good beer. Talking of which, did Alewife open a patio/beer garden in that little open space by it?

      1. stephanieg--you might consider the Wine Market. It's off of Fort Avenue (or in that area). Not at all far from the Science Center. The food and wine are really inspired and there is outdoor seating. FoiGras

        1. I forgot to mention--the Wine Market serves brunch from 11-4 on Sundays. Lunch is only available on weekdays, according to their website. You may want to call and clarify.

          Also, Tabrizi's may have brunch on Sundays. They have a lovely outdoor dining terrace. FoiGras

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            Thanks, all, for the suggestions! FoiGras-- I also thought about Tabrizi's, but I don't think they serve lunch on Sundays.

            Has anyone been to Sorso Cafe, which seems like it's in the same area of Tabrizi's?

          2. with the weather report you may want to check out the Baltimore outdoor Farmers market and "graze" amongst the many venders. Great way to kill a few hours and lots of yummy options. bring a cooler in your car to store the many things you will likely impulse buy!

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              doc--good suggestion, but I thought the Farmer's Market was a venue that required an early morning visit. The OP was looking for lunch recommendations. Please enlighten. I've never been to the Farmer's Market as I am not an early riser. But, if the market is open throughout the day, then I'd be excited to visit. FoiGras

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                FoiGras' comment echos my own-- I didn't consider the market because I thought it ended around noon. How late does it run?

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                  I think it is open till around 1 pm and the early risers get the worm but there is still plenty to buy and the eating venues are open

                  1. re: dining with doc

                    Researched it and it ends at noon. My mistake