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Apr 12, 2012 06:21 AM

Morrison's - time to give it a try

I often take the FiL for his weekly shop at Morrisons. Invariably, I sit in the caff with a coffee and a bacon barm till he's finished.

However, Mrs H suggested that we go and do some actual shopping. And how right she was.

There's an excellent range of herbs and unusual leafy vegetables, kept fresh by a misting device. There was veg that I had never even heard of. There was even a range of about half a dozen different beetroot. And more than that by way of chillis. And it was all very reasonably priced

The fishmonger's stuff looked good, as did the help yourself salad bar.

The range of bread was superb. As were the offerings on deli counter (which had Palma & Serrano ham on sale at £1.99 per 100g).

Now, of course, there's a lot of cheap crap on offer as well. I doubt if I'd buy much cheese there. And you wouldnt find free range or organic stuff amongst the meat (although tell me another supermarket that will sell you a pack of lamb bones for 50p, or have sheets of pig skin just to make crackling). So, you'd have to exercise some thought but go give it a try.

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  1. Very good fish counter generally. Palma is in Majorca, the ham is not particularly well known, try Parma

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    1. re: davidne1

      Apologies - force of habit - Brother in law is Mallorcan.

      And, I agree, Mallorca isnt too well known for its ham. Botifarro and sobrasada, yes. Jamon, no.

    2. We sadly have no Morrison's near us. The few times I've been in one, I didn't think it was a bad supermarket at all. I can't figure out why there is none for miles around this oh, so lovely SE area.

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        They were very much a northern company until a few years back (based in Bradford). The expansion across the country was when they bought out Safeway.

        I see that they've started to have small places along the lines of the Marks & Spencer Simply Food, Tesco Express, etc

      2. If you have one near you, it's definitely worth a try. We find we can't do our whole weekly shop in there but for veg, store cupboard stuff and cleaning products / bathroom stuff, it's great value.

        Do keep an eye on the sell-by dates on the veg though - we find they usually expire a day or two after purchase, but you can of course use your own judgement as to what is actually fit for consumption.

        Agreed that the cheese selection is a bit lame - unless you happen to LOVE Dairylea and massive blocks of cheap cheddar. You can often find some bargains in the wine section though and it's worth checking out the current offers online.

        Shame they're not on MoneySupermarket as it's interesting / nerdy to compare prices between supermarkets!

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        1. re: PigsOnTour

          I do my bulk shopping (pantry stock like canned tomatoes, rice, pasta, beans etc and flat supplies like cleaning products and loo roll) online with ASDA and they include Morrisons in their price comparison deal - they come out pretty close.
          I love my local Morrisons, because, snobbish as it may sound, it's not in the greatest of areas, so some of the better things they sell at a discount - langoustines, wines, good fresh herbs - are left on the shelves in favour of cheap fizzy drinks and cheese strings.