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Apr 12, 2012 02:18 AM

Red Velvet Cake (Cupcake)

In 41 years of life I had never tasted red Velvet cake until someone handed me a RV cupcake last week. I am not a sweets person at all, but was excited to know what the hype was about. to give you a reference of my dessert likes, I usually go with Pecan Pie or Cheesecake if I'm getting a cake/pie type desert. Ironically, while I'm not a cupcake lover, my junk food love is the orange Hostess cupcakes.

Anyway, I was pretty psyched. The cake was extremely moist, but I found the flavor to be odd. I could tell what was paired with the chocolate to make this flavor, but I found it just off. Then there was the butter cream icing. So sweet, it overpowered the less sweet chocolate cake. All in all, I would have to say it was pretty wretched. Don't think I'll be exploring any more varieties of this cake. What is the allure? I know people that go nuts for this cake.

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    1. Jhopp, usually these days, red velvet cake is not made with the old traditional recipe, nor do you find the boiled icing that made it so good. Who knows if the one you had was the real thing or not? I've lived in Georgia for ten years, where RV cakes are ubiquitous , and very rarely have I tasted a red velvet cake that was authentic, and not some cream cheese slathered chocolate cake doctored up with two bottles of red coloring.