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Apr 11, 2012 11:49 PM

Vancouver foodies in Scottsdale for four days

My fiancee and I are heading to Scottsdale this Friday - Monday. We'll be staying at the Phoenician and can't wait to try some good food and get away from all this rain!

I definitely know there are a few places I want to try (FnB, CPH, the Mission) and I don't know what else we should try. I also haven't looked too much into any lunch or brunch places for the wknd.

We're also interested in going for drinks - since we don't have happy hour up in Canada, are there places we should go to? I was hoping to go somewhere for drinks (great cocktails, red wine, mojitos etc) and maybe watch the sunset? Or even somewhere fun after we eat.

We're also very keen on Mexican and or latin food since it's lacking up here. The restaurants that look interesting are the Mission, Distrito, Barrio Queen, Caroline's...I'll want some recommendations on what to order and which are better for brunch, lunch, and dinner. I absolutely love fish tacos, corn and ceviche if any places have it.

My itinerary so far is:

Friday night - the Mission?
Saturday night - CPH and drinks at Citizen R+D. Does anyone know when it gets too full? I want to make resos early enough so we can manage to get into R+D. I would hate to be stuck in that alley if they're full.
Sunday night - FnB and an early night since the fiancee has a work meeting Monday morning

We don't leave until Monday at 8pm so we can always do an early dinner as well.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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  1. The Phoenician's steakhouse J&G has a great view overlooking Phoenix for a place to grab drinks. The Mission has a great Sunday brunch if you want to put a different dinner in Friday (not saying you should just that it's an option).

    Deseo at the Montelucia resoirt has a mojito bar that has been discussed on the board but I haven't personally been. Deseo isn't far as the crow flies but is on the other side of Camelback mountain from the Phoenician - probably a 15 minute drive.

    For more casual breakfasts look to Daily Dose or Breakfast Club, both of which are in Old Town and short drives from the Phoenician.

    For happy hour there are tons of places that offer drink specials, it really depends on the vibe you're looking for though. If you're looking for a very casual bar check out Bungalow for a patio overlooking Scottsdale Rd., it's not very scenic but right in the action and very close walking distance to FnB and CPH.

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      One correction re: Deseo mojito bar; it's located at the Westin Kierland Resort.

      1. re: scaheld

        Oops, you're absolutely right...not sure how I made that mistake! Westin Kierland is a longer drive, probably 20-25 minutes in north Scottsdale.

        Montelucia does have a bar with happy hour inside their Prado restaurant which isn't so bad as well :)

    2. If you want happy hour and ceviche then The Muddle Bar for Deseo is your spot for sure

      The mojitos are $6 bucks from and made with 10cane rum which is good stuff and fresh lime juice etc and they have amazing ceviche (get the rainbow ceviche) - they also have a deal on (although i am not sure that works for happy hour or not but if you plan to have dinner there as well then you are all set)

      The main courses we had there were good not great but the drinks apps dessert and ceviche were all great, we went with red meat for the main courses so perhaps stick with the fish items or non red meat? We would certainly go back again to try more of the menu

      Sunset and cocktails i would try the bar at the Sanctuary Resort - I have not been but they supposedly have great drinks there, some of the bartenders from Trader Vic's (before it closed) are there or were going to go there and the view is supposed to be dynamite

      i have been to R + D a few times and never seen it totally full, fun place for a date, has a laid back chill vibe - if you want more energy and loud but still good cocktails Mabel's on Main is good as well

      Great breakfast place is Dick's Hideaway / Richardson's they are more new mexican v mexican but it is really good - I like the Jalepeno Eggs Benedict that comes with two Filet pieces or the Carne Abdovada if you like the red chiles or the vic's meatloaf for the green chille basically everything is good heh - Daily Dose is also another one of our favorites

      J and G has a great view but their cocktails are poor so stick with something basic or beer / wine - I don't care much for J & G having been there a couple times and always have been underwhelmed and

      Have been to The Mission one time, i thought it was good also - Deseo has better cocktails IMO however it is further from you but if you get the happy hour deal and local dines deal it probably makes up for a more expensive cab ride home if you are after ceviche and mojitos :)

      bear in mind i don't care for Tequila much and like my rum :)

      1. I'd like to second Mabel's, and they have some great deals at happy hour- half off some really good appetizers, and lots of beers and wine. Their cocktails are still full price, but I would argue they are worth it. That is one of my favorite bars in Scottsdale.

        Definitely go the Mission. Haven't been yet, but Distrito hasn't gotten very good reviews. FnB and CPH are great selections. Another good cocktail place after eating there is Casablanca if R+D is too full.

        1. Since no one seems to have mentioned it, I put in a rec. for T. Cooks at the Royal Palms, just up Camelback from where you are staying. It's upper-end, but well worth it.

          Another restaurant, and not that far from you is Lon's at the Hermosa. The menu has a bit of a Southwest flair, but is not Mexican. The patio, if the weather here is nice, would be lovely.

          Enjoy, and welcome to Arizona.