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Apr 11, 2012 11:26 PM

Sushi party trays in Vancouver

Throwing a party and would like to complement the food I'm preparing with a sushi party tray, mostly so I don't have to cook everything. I live pretty close to Samurai Sushi on Cambie, which is cheap, but I'm willing to spend more if the quality is better. Ideally a mix of rolls and nigiri.

Anyone have any recs or warnings?

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  1. I've had pretty good sushi (tray form) at ASA sushi.. :) its not too far from where you are.. It's in kerrisdale...(not sure what price point you are looking at)

    There is also QQ sushi.. i've gotten take out from them.. it's pretty decent.

    1. My $0.25, Samurai Sushi, while cheap, provides "sustenance" sushi, appealing to giant portions and low prices, with poor quality ingredients (+MSG). Look them up on or Urbanspoons and you'll see why.

      But party trays can cost $$ and you're probably not wanting to spend and arm & leg.

      My recs include:

      - Tokiwa (Oak @ 21st)
      - The Clubhouse (W. 2nd @ Alberta)
      - The Eatery (W. Broadway @ Waterloo)
      - Toshi Sushi (E. 16th @ Quebec)
      - Zipang Sushi (Main @ 21st)
      - Dream Sushi & Ogenki Sushi (Main @ 27/28th)

      Call to confirm if they do trays or even delivery.

      1. I've ordered trays from Ogenki on Main, and the quality is decent for the price. But the last time I ordered a tray, they did not give it to me in a standard sushi display tray, but rather just stuck it all in styrofoam boxes. Not sure if you have to ask for a tray, if they charge for it, or if they have just stopped using them.

        Fujiya does catering:

        1. I ended up getting delivery from Dream Sushi. I was impressed by the quick (and free) delivery, but I found the sushi itself lacked something. However it was a big hit with my guests. I didn't get a chance to try any of the nigiri on the tray, though, and I like nigiri more than rolls, so maybe that's why I wasn't too impressed.

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          1. re: dustthouart

            IIRC, Dream Sushi's rice doesn't seem like traditional short-grain glutinous rice mixed with rice vinegar, sugar & salt. Their rice just feels like medium or long-grained rice cooked more "wet", and without flavouring, and used in nigiri & maki applications. Maybe that's what it was for you ?

            Glad they were a hit with your guests (if not you), at the end of the day it's the guests you're most trying to impress !

            1. re: LotusRapper

              When I like rolls/maki, I like each ingredient to stand out, and I felt like it was a little flat and blurred together. I just tasted one blended and muted taste instead of several harmonious but distinct voices, if that's not too twee. The rice was definitely seasoned, fwiw.

              But, yeah, happy guests are what it's all about as hostess. :)
              Oh and thanks for the rec~~~! Can't believe I forgot to say that.

              1. re: dustthouart

                Maybe I was recalling a different sushi resto [blush]

                For your description of rolls & makis, try Ajisai in Kerrisdale. Can't go wrong with them ! Other than in recent years the portion sizes seemed to have shrunk somewhat, maybe to keep prices the same.

          2. I would second Tokiwa sushi (Oak st. and 21st)
            I've ordered trays from there before and was pleased with the quality.