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Apr 11, 2012 11:21 PM

Oreo Birthday Cookies

As noted in a previous thread, it is Oreos' 100th birthday. To celebrate, they have created a 100th Birthday Cookie. Since my birthday sort of coincides with Oreo's, DW brought some home the other night. After trying them, we both declared them to be DISGUSTING! (And we generally like Oreos.)

The chocolate cookie is the same, except one cookie is the traditional cookie and the other just says, "Oreo 100" on it. The filling, OTOH, is like the frosting you get from a can...white with colored sprinkles throughout, and sweet enough to melt your teeth. Not only that, the filling is soft like frosting and squishes out when you bite into it. This is even worse if you like to make "double stuff" ones from two cookies. Overall, not a good cookie eating experience.

Anybody want the rest of the package?

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  1. I'll take them. For some reason they work for me. Could just be that they're incredibly hard to find in my area.

    I've always decried insane degrees of brand extension, and have always singled out Oreos as the worst offender, but here I am a total Birthday Cookie whore.