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Apr 11, 2012 11:00 PM

Can anyone help me find a store in Delaware/NJ (live in Philly burbs) that carries these spirits (can't get in PA)?

--El Dorado 5 yr rum
--El Dorado 12 yr rum
--Appleton Extra 12 yr rum
--Rhum Clement VSOP

--Broker's gin (supposed to be coming to PA but not sure when)
--Ransom Old Tom gin
--G'Vine gin
--No.3 gin

If no one has DE/NJ suggestions, I also travel to MD occasionally


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  1. The PA online store has the Appleton 12 yr for $32, not a bad price - but you have to pay the $7 shipping (to a store) on up to 3 bottles. I also see they have The Ransom for $36 and two different G'vine gins, the Floraison for $30 and the Nouaison for $33.

    There are also, mysteriously enough, 10 bottles of the Appleton Extra in a store in Broomall, just outside Philly - the only store in the state with any in stock. Odd that they don't carry the flagship when I got bottles of the V/X and Reserve last week on sale when I was up there. (Well the V/X had been on sale the prior month but a friend picked one up for me).

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      thanks! When I first typed in the Appleton I typed in "Appleton Extra" and it said I had to call it in and order 6.......but when I type in "Appleton 12" it says I can order online....glad you found it :)

      You can tell I'm tired and should go to bed....totally missed the G'Vine and Ransom on there lol

    2. Not my neck of the woods, but back in the day (when you could carry on a case of out-of-state beer and put it in the overhead for the flight home), I picked up some good beers at State Line Liquors which is just into MD. That was on a trip from DC to the Philly area. Just looked at their site quickly, and it looks like they have much of what you are looking for:

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        Thanks Ted. I'll certainly keep that in mind if I can't find a DE or PA retailer

      2. Go to total wine in Cherry Hill. I was like a kid in a candy store. Lots of rum choices - I think they have the ED12 but not any others in the ED line. Pretty sure they have Brokers and Ransom. I visited and bought Old Raj and Junipero. I don't think they have any Rhum Clement products.

        Several items I bought did not show up on the site, so I would definitely visit.

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            How long ago was that? They recently (within the last few months) updated their website and now what they show online is probably double what it used to be. I haven't been in a Total Wine that sells liquor for a year and a half, but I have a friend who brings me back stuff from Atlanta.