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Apr 11, 2012 09:58 PM

"No Kitchen Required" (BBC) -- anyone else watch this show?

I sort of like it.

And for those fans of Madison from Chopped and Chopped Champions, he's a contestant.

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  1. There's a Chow article on the 1st episode.

      1. re: mariacristina

        Interesting how this show seems to be completely overlooked by the Chowhound community. Not much drama, I guess

        1. re: dondcook

          I love it. I think introducing audiences to to indigenous/aboriginal cuisine and culture as part of a cooking compettiton, and then having said members sample the chefs' take on the ingredients is pretty cool. Besides, I'm a big Madison fan.

          1. re: David11238

            the episode in Thailand with the isolated, non-Thai fishing village was particularly interesting because they didn't cultivate any foods, and operated in a non-cash, barter economy.

            we can only hope that BBC compensates the groups visited by the production crew/cast well beyond the gifts presented by the chefs at the end of the programs.

      2. I have been trying to find torrents of the show since I do not have BBC America but to no avail. Sounds interesting though.

        1. Just watched it on BBC Canada. Not bad. I think I'll keep watching and see how it goes.

          1. It is on again on BBC America Tuesday's 11PM Eastern