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Apr 11, 2012 09:30 PM

Dog friendly?

My family is taking a trip to the ocean in a few weeks and were going to meet some family near Austin for lunch. The issue we are having is we will have our dog with us and it will be day time and I don't want him in the car by himself at noon in early May. Anyone have any suggestions, I have no idea what is in Austin. We will just be having lunch and a quick visit and then back on the road.

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  1. any idea of where in"near Austin?" I'm sure we can find something for you.

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      trying to find one near I-35 if possible, the nearer the better since I am not familiar with the area.

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        Most places with an outdoor patio will allow dogs at the outside tables. I-35 is still a pretty broad area, north? South? has some listings. Our beagles like a few of the restaurants at the Domain, Opal Divines at Mopac and Parmer, pretty much anywhere we'll take them really. There are a lot of options but a little more guidance on location would help.

      2. Freddie's in South Austin is an option... it's not the best food in the world (average burgers, fries, queso, margaritas, etc), but it's particularly family and pet friendly. They have a big outdoor area with a playground (not sure how young your kids are). My friends have a kid and take her there all the time.

        1. There are literally tons of places where you can eat with your dog in Austin. Keep Austin Dog Friendly has a great, interactive Google map with huge accompanying list:

          Near I-35, the first spot that sprang to mind is Zax - good food, casual but nice, with a little something for everyone, and a dog-friendly patio. But if you let us know more about what you're looking for (food genre, north/south, casual/upscale, etc.), I'm sure we could narrow it down further for you.

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