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Apr 11, 2012 09:27 PM

Great UES dining for first night, or go to Annisa

Hi again. Another thread I opened has lead me to think that maybe I should dump DB Townhouse for our first night in NY - and replace it with Annisa. I was hoping to eat UES as we are staying up there the first part of our trip. Should I dump DB Townhouse - and if so is there somewhere else really good in UES for our first night's dining. Alternatively I can get us into Annisa that night. However we will have been flying 30+ hours (yip, I'm mad).

My questions are:
- Is DB Townhouse really good?
- If not, is there somewhere else really good (and that I could get into on a Monday night) in UES?
- If no to both the above, is Annisa as god as it sounds? I currently have a booking there late on another night, but can shift to mid evening the night we arrive. If yes to Annisa for our first night, will it be easy to catch a cab from UES to West Village and approx how long would this take mid evening?

Thanks in advance - I'm sooooo grateful for the tips and responses to my other threads.

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  1. If I were to choose a restaurant on the UES, it would definitely be Cafe Boulud, one of our favorites. Though it's considered second to 4-star Chef Daniel Boulud's eponyonous temple of haute French cuisine, Cafe Boulud is first-rate in every way that matters. Chef Gavin Kaysen is cooking some of the best food in the city, service is polished, and the space is lovely If you feel that after flying 30+ hourse you can sit through a fancy dinner without falling head first into the soup, I'd say go for it!

    Cafe Boulud photos:

    We recently went to Annisa for the first time. Yes, the food is really delicious. However, I wouldn't exchange it for Cafe Boulud. Keep your original reservation and go to both.

    Annisa photos: