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Apr 11, 2012 09:22 PM

Open hearth or fireplace cooking

I'd like to learn open hearth or fireplace cooking...where in B.C or online can I find colonial tools such as a long handled french egg spoon please? And are there any classes/workshops in or around Surrey to teach fireplace cooking? Thanks!

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  1. i was curious about your topic and googled

    looks interesting - a blacksmith in Oregon who makes tools

    maybe Fort Langley or another historic site has info - they have a blacksmith who does re-enactment demos.

    i bought a toasting fork from this place - i ordered by phone and mail - but i think there are some of their products at Circle Craft on Granville Island - maybe they can make you the egg spoon

    Lee Valley for tools?

    a good woodstove / BBQ store might have some tools

    a good hardware store?

    i bought the best egg beater ever from this place online

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        oh, of course, it's a small town (ie a place name)

        well, ya never know about that pub out there ; )

        really - i was referring to the historic site - the National Park

        i saw a blacksmith demo out there during the xmas season 2011/12

        one time at the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton we had the "lower class lunch" --- it's another National Historic Site - the lower class lunch was interesting - we qualified for the porringer and a spoon - and a shared knife -- plus benches to sit on.

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          And like you say, they do demonstrate a lot of everyday life activities there, including cooking:

      2. That would be a cool class if it existed. All I can recommend are the following cookbooks:
        (I'm sure the above is avail at the library).

        (I have this book. It's more open-hearth cooking porn than a real cookbook though).

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          i agree, i'd be interested in a hands-on class like this too
          wouldn't that be interesting
          i look fwd to the OP's feedback as they progress in their heritage quest.


          I use my wood stove mainly to sear steaks, lamb chops and squid, since it's too hot for much else (although it's great for braises on top of the stove). But it sure does sear a great steak.

          1. continues to be interesting
            i came across this company in greater Toronto

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              Not Canadian - but they do deliver to Canada
              I've been lusting after this for a long time