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Apr 11, 2012 07:04 PM

Coolinary Cafe in Jupiter

Tim Lipman's new venture on Donald Ross at Military (Donald Ross Village) has been open for about 6 weeks now. He is the former head chef of Leftovers Cafe, my favorite resto. It is a farm to table concept and the menu is kind of interesting. Chicken and waffles, cinnamon chipotle rubbed duck, rock shrimp udon, pork shoulder, lamb sausage, a sirloin, and a few daily specials make up most of the entrees. It is kind of a small place with an open kitchen and has been packing them in on weekends.

We have tried the rock shrimp app (breaded and fried) and the crab cake appetizers. The crab cake app is a great starter but I wish the rock shrimp wasn't fried. The first week they were open, I tried the tandoori wahoo special but it was over cooked. Being the first weekend, I didn't hold it against them and wrote it off. Next visit I had the tandoori cobia and it was perfect. The tandoori wasn't overpowering like I thought and both were served over greens. I hear that the flatbread pizza app and brisket burgers are very good. The bread pudding dessert was just ok.

The portions for most all plates I have seen are somewhat on the small side. The prices aren't high but I just wished the portions were a bit bigger. I want to work my way around his menu to get a better sampling.

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  1. Freakerdude,

    We ate there last night. Like you, Leftovers is a top pick for me and I had very high hopes for this restaurant. We arrived about 6:45 and put our name in with the hostess. We went inside and ordered a couple of beers. In the tradition of Leftovers, they have some unique but good brews on tap. I started with a Chancellor and my wife tried a Narragansett. We noticed a few tables drinking sangria so we asked the bartender what the flavor was. Watermelon basil, which sounded wonderful, so we knew what our next round would be.

    Although were were told 30 minutes, we were seated with 10. I should comment on the decor. I really liked the decor, it is a nice change from Leftovers and Food Shack. A bit more trendy and upscale. Being a Floridian I enjoy Leftovers but sometimes a bit more contemporary is nice.

    We were promptly attended to upon being seated. After scanning the menu I decided to start with the pork belly and my wife tried the soup. It was sweet potato with crab I think. Within a short time we had our appetizers and the server took our order. I got a special--sort of a Florida clam stew, which was wonderful. My wife had the chicken and waffles. Hers was spectacular. for dessert we finished with the carrot cake waffle which was excellent.

    The portions were a good size to me. I tend not to be able to finish my plate at Leftovers and I was able to at Coolinary, so I have to disagree with you on the portion size.

    I'll be back again and am glad to see a new restaurant doing well.

    1. Wife and I dined here Saturday afternoon. Terrific all around. If you like Little Moir’s or Leftovers, you will love this place. And if you haven't been to any of them, now's a good time to start. I'm attaching some photos...

      * As Gator mentioned, the store features a crisp and clean decor, not at all "Florida Fish Shack" as Leftovers comes close to. Probably about 10 tables, but also a very large dining counter in front of the open kitchen, ideal for foodies. There's also another counter/bar in the rear but I'd only eat there if all else was in use. In this photo you can see Chef Tim out talking to the diners seated at tables – a good sign as we walked in. And if you’re at the counter you can chat all you like with the experienced cooks and chefs - they were all very happy to talk about the food and prep as much as you like, even as they’re flying around during a slam. Service was prompt and courteous. Nice chilled water in bottle brought immediately (no charge). I enjoyed the background music, I’d call it “acoustic adult rock”, at just the right volume.

      * My wife loved her soup, this was “Cheesy Potato and Leek Soup”. I had a few spoonfuls and it was as tasty as a great lobster bisque, but of course, no lobster.

      * For my app I chose a special, Tandoori Duck with a Watermelon and golden Beet salad and a lime honey yogurt. Wow. Fantastic. Just a subtly hint of the tandoori seasoning but all else packed with tremendous flavors. My wife is not a big duck fan, or should I say WAS not a big duck fan. She is now. Gorgeous fresh beets too.

      * For entrée, Mrs CFB selected off the menu the Boneless Southern Fried Chicken with Grilled Lemon, Coleslaw and Jalepeno Cheddar Waffle. She was not disappointed and neither was I when I stole nearly half of it. It’s totally different but somehow this reminded me a bit of Leftover’s ultra-popular Panko Fried Oysters over Greens.

      * I ordered a special entrée, the Berkshire Pork Shoulder, Basmati Rice, Coconut Curry Milk, Cauliflower Salsa. Terrific fork-tender chunks of pork almost reminded me of an Indian inspired lamb stew. And the bell peppers and onions complemented the rest perfectly.

      *Oversized cappuccino along with bread pudding provided a very nice finish.

      I only wish this was closer to Delray. I’d be there several times a week.

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        I enjoyed my meal at Coolinary also. I have only been there for lunch so far. I went with the Short rib burger and the BLT with at fried egg on top. Both were prepared to my liking and hit the spot... Looking forward to trying some of the entrees. I am a huge fan of Little Moirs and this place is also right up my alley. Great food at reasonable prices.

      2. We ate there again Saturday night. We were whisked right in and chose to sit at the counter.

        To begin we ordered stuffed squash blossoms, which were fabulous. The stuffing was a mixture of barley, crab and cream cheese (I think) and then they were battered and tempura fried. My wife ordered the burger which she loved. I got one of the specials, flank steak with sauteed kale. I would have to say my wife's order was better than mine. I loved the kale, it was sauteed with some olives and was excellent. However, the flank steak was kind of average. I ate plenty of it, but it was a little underseasoned. I am of the opinion that flank steak needs a healthy spice rub or marinade and my steak did not have this. That being said, I did eat most of it. Maybe I have high expectations for Tim Lippman.

        For dessert we tried a piece of cheesecake which was phenominal. I have to say, after being a regular at Leftovers, the desserts at Coolinary need to have the same visual appeal they do at Leftovers. Our cheescake was wonderful, but the presentation was a bit bland.

        We had a couple glasses each of the sangria which was very good.

        We will be back.

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        1. re: GatorFL

          With dessert, they make a pretty good espresso if that is your thing. They don't do drip coffee but do a french press if regular coffee is your preference. They buy from a local roaster in Tequesta called Oceana Coffee. If they have the crabcake appetizer special, try it out. I have yet to try that burger.

          1. re: freakerdude

            Will try the crabcake appetizer for sure.

          2. re: GatorFL

            I was also there again this weekend, very impressed again, even showing up when they were about to get slammed at 7:30 on Friday night.

            I realize I'm very impressed by the overall staff and service. Everyone seems cheerful, energetic, casual but completely professional. They had two hostesses in front taking names and directing seating. Wait staff brought water promptly, and drinks as well. Food pacing was right on even when we mixed a bunch of apps and mains in odd order. Line cooks will hand you your plate directly if you're at the counter which is just fine with me.

            As I mentioned, even during a rush the crew is still friendly and poised, the whole place moves fast, looks sharp and energetic.

            Someone here is training very well indeed.

            1. re: CFByrne

              I concur with every thing you have written. As an additional comment--the staff helps each other out. We had our main server, and an expeditor that brought our meals. A different server topped our water off and another one took our plates when we were done.

              If they figure out how to improve the look of the desserts, I might like it better than Leftovers. they are very close, for sure.

              1. re: CFByrne

                Kind of hate to post this - because now it'll be even harder to get in...

                But here's an excellent review from the Palm Beach Post that does a good job of explaining what this place is all about...


                1. re: CFByrne

                  Can't get enough of this place - I have to say no when asked by friends to go again as I'm neglecting others I need to check out. But Tim ()who is there for every meal) and Jen have it together. They are about to change the menu since they think everyone has gone through this one already. His specials are creative, he's always listening to diners and is passionate about what he does - a winning combo. Do go! Now that season's over and things are slowing down, there's not the wait as before. Tell him I sent you - so I don't get in trouble for not coming in s often!

            2. I went there for lunch and really enjoyed it. I ordered an appetizer salad (the crab, mango and jicama) and the wild mushroom salad over cheesy polenta (this was hot with wilted greens). Both were excellent as was the service. I wish I had saved more room for desert or something, but I was stuffed.

              I would go back, but I wish they were closer. I just happened to be up that way.

              Pictures attached.

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              1. re: OysterHo

                Their burger is a good lunch item but hard to fit in your mouth! Get the mac n cheese side and it's the perfect lunch. I have eaten here quite a bit and everything has been really good. Flatbread apps are a good one to order. I haven't seen the crab cake on the app menu in quite some time. Their chocolate cheesecake was awesome.

                I live just south of there on Military, so it is right in my wheelhouse!

                1. re: freakerdude

                  Oh, that mac n cheese side was tempting for me. I'm a sucker for that. :)

                  I may be working up that way, so I may be given the opportunity to go there more often (along with Leftovers Cafe and Food Shack, finally).

              2. Was in the PBG area last week and purely by chance ran into this restaurant during our brief stay. We had just finished having a Chinese dinner at the nearby Mr. Zhangs (mainly for my Mom) when we ran across this crowd (dining outside and those waiting). Perused the menu, talked with a few folks waiting and decided to try it the next evening (just the bride and I) as we decided against going up to the Inlet to Jetty's.

                So, there is some semblance of New American offerings in this vanilla paradise that is Palm Beach County. My bride ordered a Zin (Westerberg?) and I had the local Florida Cracker Wheat beer for the beginning of our meal. The starters of flatbread with sopresetta, chard and oven baked tomatoes was quite good (as I sampled a bit of it). I had the rabbit tacos - succulent and a bit different. Never ate rabbit before, but one only goes around this track but once in this life. The coriander gave it a nice lemony bite to this moist offering.

                For entrees, I had the Pork Shoulder in Coconut curry which was very, very good which I paired with a German Reisling and my partner really liking a Syrah from Washington, whose name escaped me. My Portk could have used a bit more spice, but this dish is highly recommended. Nice twist with a Cauliflower Lime salsa here. My wife, the carnivore that she is, opted for the Sirloin with shallot, and wild mushroom demi (she loves mushrooms).

                All in all, a very nice room, good vibe, decent servers, and this so beats all of the sports bars, fish shacks, wing joints that are serving pedestrian chow and which we were doing for lunch after getting away from the pool at the Time Share. I've got to return and do their signature Southern Fried Chicken with Jalopena Cheddar Waffle (it was being ordered by many seated around us).

                If you're in the Juno Beach/Jupiter area (this for my Jersey bretheren who may follow me), you should give this a shot

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                1. re: JustJake

                  You did well. I happen to agree with you on the Pork -- could use a little more spice but the the Cauliflower Lime salsa really makes the dish. Given the Pig emblem on the giant range Hood and the Glasses, I wish Chef Lipman would do a little more pork. Have had a Pork Chop special one night (pork is from Bush Brothers) that was outstanding.

                  The fried chicken is probably the signature dish (certainly the most popular). It is boneless (which is generally a sin for fried chicken), but it is still juicy and the touch of maple with the slaw and the waffle make it into a dish worth the trip.

                  The burger is worth the trip as well -- certainly the best I've had in the immediate area, and much better than the neighboring Burger Bar.

                  1. re: JustJake

                    Tonight they had a skewered shrimp, homemade ginger pork sausage, horseradish cheese grits, and squash slaw that was awesome. There's not a ton of great places here but you do have to seek them out and it's not that difficult. This forum is definitely your best resource for finding them.