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Apr 11, 2012 05:40 PM

Mooring or Castle Hill for lunch this weekend?

Planning a day trip to Newport this Saturday. It's the wife's birthday so we'd like a nice lunch with a pleasant water view. Don't expect it to be warm enough yet to dine outside. I've read good things about both options, but if you had to choose.....?

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    1. re: Gin n Tonic

      I agree totally. While the view at Castle Hill is incredible, it IS expensive...the food is good, but, I do not think it meets the standards of a Relais and Chateau. If it were June or July and you could count on it being warm enough to sit outside, there IS something pleasing about an outdoor table at The Moorings and just watch the boats come and go in and out of the harbor.

      1. re: AikiLou

        The lunch menu looks rather basic, and although the prices are upper end, they don't look outrageous to me. Basically all lunches fall in the $18-$26 range. Seems worth it for the ambience and experience.

        I'll report back. Thanks for the rec!

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          Sunny, mild weather HAS been forecast for the weekend. Maybe with a sweater or jacket, you COULD eat outside. At Castle Hill, it is really really worth it. Enjoy your lunch.

          1. re: AikiLou

            As expected the room and the view are terrific. Prices are high as a result and overall the meal was a pleasant experience, one we are both glad we did. The service was attentive, friendly, if somewhat formal and occassionally slow. We both had virgin bloody marys which had a good amount of spice without being over done. I started with a wonderful sauteed littleneck dish with a flavorful broth enhanced by smoked seaweed. My DW had an excellent clam chowder, creamy, not too thick, and subtle layered flavors. For my entree I had the pan seared and beer battered fluke with wilted greens and a potato croquette. The dish was cooked perfectly, and although the beer battered part of the dish was only three small bites, the pan seared portion of the fluke was plenty for a lunch entree. My wife's dish, a grilled tenderloin sandwich with housemade fries, however, was attrocious. The meat was tough, cooked until brown all the way through and there was maybe 2-3 ounces on the plate. To make matters worse, the fries were barely warm. A waste of $19. We didn't complain as was her want, so I can't blame the establishment for our disatisfaction, but it really was a lousy execution of a simple sandwich. $100 pus $20 tip included a glass of KJ Chard. All-in-all, it was still a very pleasant sunny day. I'd go back, and just avoid the steak sammy next time.