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Apr 11, 2012 05:18 PM

Help in San Jose

Two Oakland hounds are heading to San Jose for a conference. We will be @ The Doubletree near the airport. Any ideas as to where to get good or very good food in the area? We will have a car so can drive.

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  1. What kind of food do you guys want, cost?
    you could start with this older thread:

      1. Aqui Cal Mex in Willow Glen

        1. Blue Line Pizza in Campbell isn't too far away.

          1. Oakland has no indian remotely like south bay indian. Catch aachi appakadi, and real ice cream right behind. Or Anjappar Chettinad. Don't be put off by the bad yelp reviews. These places are _very_ authentic.

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              If you like Indian, near Real Ice Cream in Santa Clara is Dosa House (try the paper masala dosa) and Kabab N Curry's (everything in this mom-and-pop place is delicious, but their naan is the ultimate).

              1. re: Claudette

                I'm a ravi masala dosa kind of guy, but I'l give Dosa House a try.