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Apr 11, 2012 04:51 PM

Pre-Marlins game recommendations

Going to key largo next week and have tickets for the Marlins-Cubs game tuesday. Looking for some suggestions for early dinner nearby. Up for anything, but obviously some great cuban would be ideal..Thanks in advance from one of the South Jersey hounds.

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  1. I am headed to a game this Saturday and will be hitting the Taste of Miami food court. Aside from the usual fare, there is Papo Llega Y Pon, Latin American Grill, and Don Camaron. I knew nothing about these places until I read this from the PB Post:

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      If the Papo is anything like the original location I would just eat there.

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        Nobody has any close to the park recs? In the park: ceviche at Don Camaron's is good and costs $10 for a smaller cup size. The roast pork sandwich $7 at Papo Llega Y Pon was very good and the tamale $6 was good too but more meat than masa inside would be nice.

        The 3 places mentioned above in my post are in section 28 (left field) and not in the circular food court that has a field view. You walk through an area where the Taste of Miami sign is and the 3 are there. There are no tables but do have counter stands to eat your food.

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          La Camaronera is reasonably close by on Flagler. Garcia's Seafood is on the other side of the Miami River. Rincon Asturiano is on 17th Ave. just south of Flagler. Islas Canarias is on 27th Ave.

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            Thanks...I have read about La Camaronera and Garcias's so I know what to expect going in.

        1. I'm heading down Saturday for the Mets game. I'll probably eat in the park. Any updates?

          Sounds like the "don't miss it" item is: roast pork sandwich $7 at Papo Llega Y Pon.

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            Was at the Monday afternoon game against Arizona and had some good food... the pork sandwich from Papo. I knew it was going to be a hit when I walked over and heard a loud chopping sound and saw a women with a cleaver hacking up a side of pork. Very impressive to see such a sight in a ball park. The rest of the food choices, outside that area, were sad. Nothing even remotely interesting, the usual assortment of hot dogs hamburgers and not much else. My son enjoyed the nacho supreme platter with a very hot chipotle sauce. Reminded me of what is in the can of La Morena in adobo sauce. The sushi looked interesting but that was about it. The Mets may suck but at least we have some great food choices. After the game I hit up El Rey de la Frita. I really like that place and it so unique I go there any visit that results in me being in the vicinity. Lets go Mets!

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              You should try El Mago de las Fritas.

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                Thanks, will do. Will also have to make a cafe con leche stop at Versailles for some post game marlin's talk.

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                  I went directly to Papo....which is on NW 17th Ave and 28th Street....which is just north of the's back off the street a bit....looks more like a "sandwich stand" instead of a restaurant....but they do have a little 'dining' room of sorts behind the area where you order the food that is airconditioned and sparse....but serves the purpose....The people there are extremely nice....the owner is awesome....and I had a very good experience there before the game....And then went to the game.....

                  Ft. Pierce, FL

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                I have ventured around and between the first base and right field side of the stadium, you have several non standard ball park items. There are two concessions serving steak chipotle tacos $13, key lime chicken tacos $13, and even a shrimp burger $14 or so. Add to that other stands serving a steak chimichurri sandwich $15, lobster roll $17, buffalo and blue cheese chicken sandwich and cuban sandwiches. The chipotle steak tacos are actually quite good if you add some jalapenos and cholula sauce.

                In Taste of Miami, I found the ceviche at La Camaronera to be hit and miss for freshness. There is an interesting latin bakery to the left of Papo serving many kinds of empanadas and such. Papo's pork sandwich is always a hit!

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                  Papo's Pork Sandwich is most definitely a hit FD! Great call! I actually go to their place on 17th Ave just north of the stadium.....and its awesome!....They could put a little more pork on that sammich but it's excellent nonetheless....Their bread is awesome....

                  Ft. Pierce, FL