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Apr 11, 2012 03:39 PM

Chinese Spaghetti Restaurant Opens in City of Industry

Pasta Joe's, what I would refer to as a Chinese spaghetti house, has opened on Gale Ave. How do I know it's Chinese? Well, the exterior signage is bilingual, the menu is bilingual, the cooks are Chinese (though more of the hipster ilk) and the patrons are all Chinese. They actually have only a few pasta varieties--spaghetti, shells and penne on the menu, plus linguine on the blackboard, though several choices from each one, along with a few other dishes you would find at an Italian restaurant. Address is 18222A E. Gale Ave., in the same shopping center as Asia Buffet.

Meanwhile in nearby Rowland Heights it looks like a second food court, the one in Pacific Plaza on Colima Road, may be going down for the count. Tea Eggs and Classy Cafe have both closed, leaving only two eateries still open--a Shanghai place and the long running Four Seasons Steak House.

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  1. What is the new place a few places down from Pasta Joe's? The sign is only in Chinese and I haven't been by when it's been opened to grab a menu.

    The Pacific Plaza food court hasn't been the same in years...I do miss the days of the battle of 3 for $10.xx restaurants vying for your biz. Newport Seafood is doing quite well since remodeling.

    Next plaza over, I am surprised Stone Age is still opened after a year :D

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      Hmm. I can think of only 3 other Chinese restaurants in that center (besides the buffet) and they all opened last year and have English signage. There's Jin Yuan, the wildly popular Taiwanese pork chop etc. restaurant, Cafe 18, the Taiwanese bento box restaurant, and the vegetarian Sweet Veggie. Is there a newer one in there?

    2. Well, across the 60 fwy in YES Plaza, you now have TOMATO R+D which does one kind of rendition of Chinese/Fusion Spaghetti (among other items.)

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        I saw the signage for that, but it was still in the assembly process. Thanks for the update ipse. Must be something in the RH/HH/CoI area that promotes a Chinese-Italian mash-up.